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Community Conversation on North-South Bike Lanes Scheduled for Thursday, November 12th

November 9, 2020

ANC 1A is hosting a special virtual public information and feedback forum with DDOT representatives regarding the ongoing Crosstown transportation project on Thursday, November 12th. The webinar will focus on the north/south portions of the bike lane project in Park View along Warder Street and Park Place, with future meetings to focus on westward expansion.  

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 12, beginning at 7 pm. There are three ways to join:

Bicycle lanes were first installed on 5th Street NW/Park Place NW and 7th Street NW/Warder Street NW between 2006 and 2010. However, many in the community have requested protected bike lanes in this portion of the project. DDOT’s Crosstown project provides an opportunity to reassess the existing street design of Park Place NW, Warder Street NW, 7th Street NW, and 5th Street NW to examine design options for protected bicycle lanes.

In order to balance competing needs for public space and to address streetscape and safety issues, ANC1A has requested DDOT consider making Park Road a one-way street to allow for parking on both sides of the street and to consider strategic curb bulb outs for street trees and to improve crosswalk safety.

More information about this project is located at

DDOT Planning to Establish No-Right-On-Red at 101 DC Intersections

December 31, 2018

On December 21st, the District Department of Transportation notified Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners across Washington that they plan to establish No-Turn-on-Red restrictions at 101 signalized intersections across the city. These intersections were identified based on factors and criteria identified in the federally mandated Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the DC Municipal Regulations, which identify factors including an intersection’s complexity, level of pedestrian activity, potential for significant conflicts, and crash history, to name a few.

Intersection of New Hampshire Avenue, Georgia Avenue, and Rock Creek Church Road, NW

In reviewing the list of intersection where DDOT intends to make this change, the areas in and closest to Park View include the following signaled intersections:

  • Georgia Ave., New Hampshire Ave., & Rock Creek Church Rd.
  • Georgia Ave. & Otis Place
  • Georgia Ave. & Randloph St.
  • 14th St. & Columbia Rd.
  • 13th St. & Kenyon St.
  • 14th St. & Kenyon St.

Drivers will want to pay attention to all impacted intersections, though, as intersections further away from the area also will have an impact. I’ve mapped out the impacted intersections based on the DDOT list as many may find the information in map form more useful.

Overall, I like the directly DDOT is going with this as it has been my observation that many who turn right on red are more focused on seeing if the coast is clear of oncoming traffic and not always paying attention to pedestrians and others who are in crosswalks they are turning onto.

That said, I hope DDOT will use this opportunity to evaluate if a better city-wide policy is needed. I’m not entirely convinced that drivers will be able to remember which intersections will allow and which will deny them the opportunity to turn right-on-red. I’m equally doubtful that there is a solid plan for enforcement. For example, the intersection of Georgia Avenue, New Hampshire Avenue, and Rock Creek Church Road already does not allow left-turns at any time and signs are clearly posted — yet I have seen drivers do this with no consequences beyond drivers behind them using their horns and expressing anger as they pass by.

Intersection of Georgia Avenue and Otis Place, NW


New Speed Camera on Irving Street

May 26, 2016

Irving speed camera(Image from Park View Beautification Crew Facebook page.)

Yesterday it was noted on the Park View Beautification Crew Facebook page that a new speed camera has been located on Irving Street halfway between Georgia Avenue and Warder Street. While the new location hasn’t been added yet, in general you can check out MPD’s Speed Camera Location page to see where camera’s are deployed throughout the city. Of equal interest, you can also contact MPD to recommend a photo radar location.

Third Crosstown Multimodal Study Workshop Scheduled for June 9th

May 13, 2016

Residents reviewing some of the boards during the 2nd Crosstown workshop.

Residents reviewing some of the boards during the 2nd Crosstown workshop.

The third Crosstown Multimodal Study Workshop has been scheduled for June 9th. It will be held in the Main Hall of Trinity University from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. with a presentation at 6:30 p.m. This is the same location where the first workshop was held. The O’Connor Auditorium is located at 125 Michigan Avenue, NW.

If you haven’t reviewed the three concepts that were presented at workshop #2, you can find all relevant materials here. I’m also reposting the concepts below. After becoming familiar with the ideas in them, you can take the online survey to provide additional feedback to DDOT.

Concept #1

PW2 Concept 1(Click image for slide deck)

Concept #2

PW2 Concept 2(Click image for slide deck)

Concept #3

PW2 Concept 3(Click image for slide deck)

Temporary Lane Closures on Georgia Avenue Between Barry Place and Florida Avenue Begin Today

July 28, 2015

From a DDOT News release:

DDOT to Temporarily Close Lanes on Georgia Avenue Between Barry Place and Florida Avenue, NW, Beginning July 28

Lane closures in place while DDOT completes dedicated bus lane and streetscape project
(Washington, DC) — The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) will close one lane of traffic in each direction on Georgia Avenue, NW, between Barry Place and Florida Avenue, NW in Ward 1 beginning on Tuesday, July 28, 2015 at 7 am, weather permitting. These closures are expected to stay in place until May 2016.
The closures are needed for DDOT to construct dedicated bus lanes and a streetscape along Georgia Avenue, NW. The work includes the replacement of sidewalks, curb and gutters, sidewalk ramps, mill and overlay of the roadway, and new dedicated bus lanes in each direction on Georgia Avenue, NW.
Curbside parking will be restricted while work is underway and ultimately removed upon completion of the project. Emergency No Parking signs are and will be posted a minimum of 72 hours before the start of construction. Sidewalk detours will also be in place while sidewalk repair is in progress. Signage and protective barriers will be used to maintain public safety.
Motorists should expect moderate-to-heavy delays, and are advised to seek alternative routes. DDOT encourages all traveling in this area to stay alert and to obey all construction signs.

Initial Look at DC’s Vision Zero

July 7, 2015

Following up on yesterday’s post about the need for better bike lane maintenance, I wanted to highlight the District’s adoption of the Vision Zero Initiative which began in earnest in March 2015. It is an initiative already adopted in other cities which “aims to improve pedestrian and bicycle transportation safety by showcasing effective local actions, empowering local leaders to take action, and promoting partnerships to advance pedestrian and bicycle safety.” The stated objective of Vision Zero, according to the DDOT Website is:

By the year 2024, Washington, DC will reach zero fatalities and serious injuries to travelers of our transportation system, through more effective use of data, education, enforcement, and engineering.

In particular, I like the inclusion of the Vision Zero safety map which lets residents indicate safety issues collaboratively. I noticed that there aren’t many issues listed in the Park View area yet, but presume it will fill in over the next several weeks.

Access to some of the related safety and traffic plans is available at the DC Vision Zero page here.

Vision Zero map(Detail from Vision Zero map showing Park View area.)

Intersection of Warder and Princeton Place Gets New Stop Sign

April 28, 2015

New stop sign on Warder.

New stop sign on Warder.

Yesterday, a new stop sign was installed for northbound traffic on Warder Street at the intersection of Princeton Place, NW. This makes the intersection an all-way stop.

Traffic safety at the intersection of Warder and Princeton has been a concern for a while. Initial requests from residents seeking better traffic calming resulted in DDOT installing new crosswalk signs in May 2011. After the November 5, 2014, accident at the intersection, DDOT agreed to further study the safety of the intersection.

DDOT’s field review and crash analysis of the intersection ultimately resulted in their installing the new stop sign.

Making Park Place Safer is Possible, but Won’t be Accomplished with Speed Cameras

April 1, 2015

March 24th accident at Park Place and Irving Streets, NW. Photo by Christopher Chambers.)

March 24th accident at Park Place and Irving Streets, NW. Photo by Christopher Chambers.)

A pair of accidents at the southern end of Park Place this month again underscored the need for better safety along this stretch of road. The first accident occured on the afternoon of March 16th at the corner of Park Place and Kenyon in which a vehicle sped through the red light. After the accident, the occupants fled the scene leading to a police search and snarled traffic.

A more recent accident occurred on March 24th around 9 pm. This time the accident was at Park Place and Irving with the vehicle coming to rest upside-down.

From its start at Rock Creek Church Road in the north to Kenyon Street in the south, Park Place is only nine blocks with a speed limit of 25 mph. Yet, the street runs fast. It’s constructed as a two-lane one-way southbound street with no cross streets, stop signs, or traffic lights for to slow traffic as it vehicles travel the nine blocks along the Soldiers’ Home. Vehicles entering Park Place from the north have no incentive to slow down and frequently speed well above the speed limit.

Over the years, speed cameras have been placed at various spots along the route to encourage drivers to slow down. This works for a while, resulting in the speed cameras being removed and eventually brought back at different locations. There is currently a camera located just north of Quebec Place.

Yet, until the street is redesigned, speeding traffic will continue to be not just a nuisance, but a public safety issue. It is long past time to have DDOT re-evaluate the layout of Park Place. While the easiest/cheapest solution would likely be stop signs or traffic lights, I think a better long-term solution would be to narrow the street to one lane, and in so doing add a pedestrian sidewalk along the Soldiers’ Home fence on the east and a protected bike lane between the sidewalk and a parking lane on the west. This would increase bike safety, encourage slower driving speeds, and make the stretch more pedestrian friendly. If done well, it could also enhance beauty and providing room for street trees (especially on the southern stretch of the street which currently lacks trees).

Not only would narrowing Park Place to one lane help slow traffic leading to Kenyon and Irving, once a driver arrived at the southern end of the street there would be less confusion and jockeying for lane position as the intersections become a maze of choices leading to east bound Irving, east bound Michigan, south bound 5th Street, and west bound Columbia Road.

Protected bike lane(Protected bike lane diagram from Streetsblog LA)

New Stop Sign in the Works for Warder

December 2, 2014

Stop for pedestrian signs(Intersection of Warder and Princeton. New crosswalk signs were added in May 2011)

Traffic safety at the intersection of Warder and Princeton streets has been a concern for a while. I’ve received many requests over the past few years seeking better traffic calming. In response, DDOT installed new crosswalk signs in May 2011. After the November 5, 2014, accident at the intersection, DDOT agreed to study the safety of the intersection again.

I’ve since learned that DDOT has completed their field review and crash analysis of the intersection, and based on the location of this intersection in relationship to the Recreation Center and the number of accidents, DDOT will be installing new stop signs making it an all-way stop.

DDOT is in the process of submitting the necessary documents required to implement the change at this location, so stay tuned. I’ll provide an update when its available.


Lane Markings Added to New Crosswalk Median at Georgia and Newton

November 11, 2014

I heard from several residents after the new crosswalk median was installed at Georgia Avenue and Newton Street at the end of October. The chief concern was that the median encroached into the southbound traffic lanes causing a lane shift that was difficult to see. I brought this to DDOT’s attention, and while I don’t know if this was already planned or in response to my advocacy, a crew came out on Friday, November 7th, to paint new lane markings alerting drivers to the new traffic pattern. You can see the new markings below.


(Above and below — View of Georgia Avenue toward the south at the intersection of Newton Place, NW)


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