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Intersection of Warder and Princeton Place Gets New Stop Sign

April 28, 2015
New stop sign on Warder.

New stop sign on Warder.

Yesterday, a new stop sign was installed for northbound traffic on Warder Street at the intersection of Princeton Place, NW. This makes the intersection an all-way stop.

Traffic safety at the intersection of Warder and Princeton has been a concern for a while. Initial requests from residents seeking better traffic calming resulted in DDOT installing new crosswalk signs in May 2011. After the November 5, 2014, accident at the intersection, DDOT agreed to further study the safety of the intersection.

DDOT’s field review and crash analysis of the intersection ultimately resulted in their installing the new stop sign.

New Signs on Warder Alert Drivers to Stop for Pedestrians

May 19, 2011

In early April I asked the community if they thought a new stop sign was warranted at the intersection of Warder Street and Princeton Place. I know some residents had taken this directly to DDOT citing concerns with the number of children that cross at this intersection to get to the Park View Kids Zone program run out of the recreation center’s field house.

It would seem that DDOT agreed that action was required but stopped short of adding another stop sign. What they did instead was add new signs reminding drivers that they are required to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk. It will be interesting to see if these signs make a noticeable difference in children’s safety, or if further action is required.


Street Art Found Along Warder

March 2, 2010

In addition to all the graffiti I saw this weekend, this sticker was also on the utility box outside of Gee’s Market. Generally, I don’t encounter many examples of street art or stickers in the neighborhood. When I want to see things like this I usually walk along 14th Street between P and U Streets. I wonder if this is just an anomaly, or a sign of things to come.

Tagging Continues to be Problem along Warder

February 28, 2010

Street light #11216, recently tagged

While walking through the neighborhood on Saturday, I noticed that there was a significant amount of new tagging along the Warder Street corridor between Newton Place and Rock Creek Church Road.

The District has a program to remove graffiti, and you can read more about it here as well as download the form granting the City to address vandalism on private property.

If you see graffiti, it is important to call 311 and report it as soon as you can. Information that will assist the City in responding to the request include:

  • Address where graffiti is location;
  • Whether it is public or private property; and,
  • If it’s a street light, the number of the light — each light pole has a number on the pole about 7 feet from the ground.

New tagging on Gee's Market

640 Princeton Place's wall along the alley was extensively tagged


Rock Creek Market, and Other Market News

September 17, 2009

Rock Creek MarketI had the good fortune of running into the owners of the Rock Creek Market on Wednesday night, and took the opportunity to ask if they had an opening date set yet. And … I was told that they intend to open this Saturday. I can’t wait to see what its like stocked. When I was given a tour a few weeks ago it looked great.

In other market news, I’ve heard some scuttlebutt in the neighborhood that Gee’s Market may have been selling beer and wine without a liquor license, but haven’t confirmed this yet or found out if anything’s been done to remedy the situation should it be true.

And, the long closed market on Irving and Warder Streets is  finally being developed. Unfortunately, there is currently a stop work order on the premises, but there is a building permit in the window with two permits to install air conditioning. In reading the stop work order, it looks like most of the items have been addressed. I guess time will tell what the building is ultimately used for. You can see what it looked like prior to development here>>
Corner of Irving and Warder
Stop Work Order

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