Intersection of Warder and Princeton Place Gets New Stop Sign

New stop sign on Warder.

New stop sign on Warder.

Yesterday, a new stop sign was installed for northbound traffic on Warder Street at the intersection of Princeton Place, NW. This makes the intersection an all-way stop.

Traffic safety at the intersection of Warder and Princeton has been a concern for a while. Initial requests from residents seeking better traffic calming resulted in DDOT installing new crosswalk signs in May 2011. After the November 5, 2014, accident at the intersection, DDOT agreed to further study the safety of the intersection.

DDOT’s field review and crash analysis of the intersection ultimately resulted in their installing the new stop sign.

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5 Comments on “Intersection of Warder and Princeton Place Gets New Stop Sign”

  1. Kumar Says:

    This is a good development. But a warning sign in yellow indicating a new stop sign there would be helpful. I believe I have seen similar signage elsewhere with new traffic signs.

  2. ctk Says:

    Given the accidents that have happened at this intersection and the number of kids crossing Warder here to get to the park, this is a very welcome change. Thanks for your help in making this happen.

  3. GolFoxtrot Yankee Says:

    The 05NOV accident was due to an idiot ignoring existing signage, like most accidents in the area. We already had 7 stop signs and traffic lights on the 10 cross streets between Columbia and Rock Creek Church, now we have 8. This will fix the problem of stupid drivers as effectively as the 7th sign/light did.

    • mbk Says:

      I do believe that this stop sign will force traffic to slow a bit and allow for safer crossings. I live right by this intersection and every day I see cars blow through the crosswalk even when people are waiting to cross. With so many young kids in the area it just seemed like a tragedy waiting to happen. I hope that the City will continue to look at additional improvements to the entire neighborhood such as “bulb outs” at key intersections to further enhance crossings and slow traffic. Warder is only one travel lane and bike lane and should be made as safe as possible expecially given the location of the school and rec center. If this inconveniences commuters on their way out of the neighborhood every, so be it. If the many MD drivers don’t like it, then they should use Georgia Avenue which is intended to carry larger volumes of traffic in and out of the area. I

  4. Sarah Says:

    Thanks to Kent and Melissa for your long, long record of advocacy on this corner! It’s the intersection we drive through the most of any in the city, and this sign will hopefully make it easier to get through every morning!

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