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Jim Graham Running for Re-Election to Fifth Term

December 10, 2013

At the beginning of December, one of the questions I asked was if residents thought Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham would be running for re-election. Yesterday morning, CM Graham answered that question on Newstalk with Bruce Depuyt on NewsChannel 8 with a definitive yes!

If you happened to miss it, you can watch the segment below.

DC Latino Caucus Hosts Conversation with Jim Graham & Muriel Bowser — Tonight

July 16, 2013

This event looks interesting. Tonight, from 6:30-8:30 p.m., Councilmembers Graham & Bowser will be participating in a conversation focused on the needs of DC’s Latino communities, with an emphasis on Wards 1 and 4. The full flyer is below.

The event will be held at Camino Real Restaurant (5217 Georgia Avenue)

If you can’t attend but are interested, you can watch the event live starting at 7:00 p.m. at or

Bowser Graham Latino Caucus

Photos from Park View Recreation’s Ribbon Cutting

March 26, 2013

DSC_1750As I announced last week, Park View Recreation Center hosted a ribbon cutting on Saturday,  March 23rd, to celebrate the completion of renovations in the main building. Mayor Gray, Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, Director Aguirre, and ANC Commissioner Boese were among the speakers at the event. Ward 4 Councilmember Bowser also stopped by briefly near the end of the event.

Video of the event was taken and will be released after editing. I’ll be sure to post it when its available. In the mean time, enjoy these photos from the event. (I’d like to thank the Mayor’s office for sharing many of these photographs with me).

Mayor Gray addressing the community

Mayor Gray addressing the community

Commissioner Boese addressing the community, with Councilmember Graham and Mayor Gray, and DPR Director Aguirre in the background.

Commissioner Boese addressing the community, with Councilmember Graham, Mayor Gray, and DPR Director Aguirre in the background.

Cutting the ribbon.

Cutting the ribbon.

Mayor Gray and Park View site manager Craig Hughes.

Mayor Gray and Park View site manager Craig Hughes.

Mayor Gray inspecting new computers in the community room.

Mayor Gray inspecting new computers in the community room.


Ward 1 Holiday Party Well Attended

December 24, 2010

Ward 1 residents enjoying themselves at the annual holiday party

This year’s annual Ward 1 holiday party was held at the Columbia Heights Youth Center, 1480 Girard Street, NW, on December 23. The event occurred in the gymnasium and was near or at capacity.

The event, as with years past, was hosted by Councilmember Jim Graham and began with a  meal which was quickly followed upon with a gift raffle that lasted until three in the afternoon. There were a variety of gifts ranging from $60 gift certificates to local grocery stores, gift cards to Five Guys, a flat screen television, and bicycles — where were a hit with the kids. In the time I was there I saw a few of the bikes won by Park Morton children, so don’t be surprised if you see them around Park View soon.

Mayor-elect Gray gets ready to call out a raffle ticket number

As with previous years, Santa Claus was on hand to assist and add holiday cheer. Graham also got help calling out the raffle ticket numbers by ANC Commissioners, agency heads, and one special guest, Mayor-elect Vincent Gray.

The day ended with each child lining up to receive a holiday gift and adults received a gift on the way out as well. All gifts and raffle prizes were donated by sponsors.

There were plenty of gifts to go around, and no one left empty handed


Visitor Parking Passes, Reserved Resident Parking, On Track for Ward 1

July 20, 2010

Councilmember Graham announced yesterday the passage of his bill to reserve one side of Ward 1 residential streets for residents and provide visitor parking passes to each Ward 1 household.

To date, this has only been available in Ward 4 and on streets included in a pilot program. Graham’s full announcement is below:

Dear Friends,

On Tuesday the DC Council passed a bill I authored to better protect residential parking for Ward 1 residents.

Many Ward 1 residents are tired of getting parking tickets because they can’t find a place to park in their own neighborhood, even after paying $15 for a parking permit.

My bill, soon to be signed by Mayor Fenty, will:

  • Reserve 50% of parking on Zone 1 streets exclusively for Ward 1 resident parking
  • Make a visitor pass available to every household on Zone 1 streets. This pass would allow guests, babysitters, caregivers, etc., to park legally on Zone 1 restricted blocks.
  • Allow every Ward 1 resident with a properly registered vehicle to get a Zone 1 parking sticker (regardless of whether you live on an RPP-zoned block). (more…)

Graham Setting Up Campaign Headquarters on Georgia Avenue

July 18, 2010

Councilmember Jim Graham is setting up his campaign headquarters at 3512 Georgia Avenue this year. From the conversation I had with someone setting up the property, it sounds like the facility will be ready for action within a week.

People familiar with the site will also recognize it as the future site of the initial phase of the Park Morton development, which is currently scheduled to start in October of this year.

It should not come as a surprise that Graham would choose Georgia Avenue for his headquarters.  In an interview I had with him earlier this year, he indicated that he got about 72% of the vote here in the last election, which was his lowest return. With opponent Jeff Smith living just off of Georgia  Avenue, it will be interesting to see if Graham’s support along the corridor increases or not in this election.


Ward 1 Council Election Heating Up

June 2, 2010

According to the City Paper, the debate among Ward 1 Council contenders hosted by the Kalorama Citizens Association at Goodwill Baptist Church on May 20th got a little heated. Not surprisingly, the paper reports that hopefuls Jeff Smith and Bryan Weaver were on the offensive against incumbent Jim Graham. Smith has been particularly vocal in questioning Graham’s  relationships with developers. Graham has responded that his dealings with developers has been appropriate and he has been able to bring development to Ward 1 while preserving the Ward’s diversity and social fabric.

So with about 4 months to go, what do you think? Among these candidates, do you know who you’ll be voting for? If you could ask each of them just one question, what would that be?


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