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Bruce-Monroe @ Park View School Organizes Climate March & Host’s Fall Fundraiser

September 24, 2019

Climate March

Here are some updates about what’s been happening at the Bruce-Monroe @ Park View Elementary School on Warder Street.

On Friday, September 19th, the school organized a climate march around Park View. Grades 2 through 5 participated, they made signs, and chanted a chant that they had made up – “hey hey, here we are, we’re supposed to save the world.” See the photo below.

Fall Fundraiser

The School is also in the process of their Fall Fundraising Campaign. Those wanting to participate can do so at

The fundraising goal is $7,000.

Here is an example of how the money from last year’s fundraiser was used:
Last year’s fundraiser supported the 3rd-grade’s 2019 field trip to Flag Ponds Nature Park and Battle Creek Cypress Swamp County Sanctuary in Calvert County, Maryland.

In just one day, the schools budding 3rd grade scientists:

  • searched for sharks teeth and Miocene fossils on a pristine Chesapeake Bay beach;
  • seined for fish and arthropods;
  • learned about the bay’s habitats and became environmental stewards by collecting trash;
  • hiked a rare cypress swamp to witness its unique ecosystem; and,
  • participated in a live animal show featuring a rescued Maryland terrapin, a king rat snake, and an owl.

Afterwards, students tested the pH level of water samples collected from Battle Creek, and compared them with water samples collected during a prior trip to the Anacostia River.

The trip was the culmination of a school year’s worth of science trips and programming that included field trips to the Children’s Science Center in Fairfax and the Anacostia River with the Anacostia Watershed Society and participation in an EcoRise grant to improve our school’s indoor air quality.

Construction at Park View School Could Create Opportunity for More Trees

August 23, 2018

The current construction at the Bruce-Monroe @ Park View school is still going strong, and while most of the results will primarily benefit the students and teachers at the school, I think there is an opportunity to create a significant benefit for the entire community. I’ve noticed that the majority of the grounds in the front of the building have removed the landscaping from the Warder Street side of the property. When it is time to replant those areas, we need to include new trees that will mature to provide shade for that block. A few years back the law was changed to allow DDOT’s urban forestry administration to also plant on public property like schools and recreation centers. Based on my quick review, we should be seeking to get an additional 3-4 trees on this block.

I’ve already reached out to both DDOT and the construction crew to begin this conversation.

(The frontage of the Park View School is currently being used to support the construction at the school. New landscaping can and should accommodate new shade trees.)

Renovations at Park View School Begin

January 9, 2018

In December 2017, months of planning and design work to construct a new cafeteria, new parking lot, and renovated restrooms at the Bruce-Monroe @ Park View School began.

The overall scope of the kitchen project includes a new and larger cafeteria and dining space, which will be constructed in the school’s north gymnasium. When this is completed, a gymnasium will be constructed in the former kitchen space. Current and past documents and reports related to this project can be found here.

As of the January update from the School Improvement Team, the ground floor bathroom demolition work began of the Winter break, and a dust barrier has been installed to keep the bathroom demolition area separated from the corridor.

A barrier wall has also been installed in the gymnasium to separate construction activity from areas still in use by the school. Photos of each are below.

(Construction workers inside the bathrooms.)

(A wooden panel to reinforce the gym barrier wall.)

Meeting to Share Updates on Park View School Kitchen, Cafeteria, and Parking Lot Projects Next Tuesday

September 26, 2017

The DC Public Schools, DC Dept. of General Services, Shinberg.Levinas Architects, and Winmar Construction will be at the Bruce-Monroe @ Park View school for a public meeting to share updates on the kitchen, cafeteria, and parking project. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday October 3, 2017, at 6:30PM  in the Bruce-Monroe @ Park View Auditorium. All are welcome to attend.

Park View School Cafeteria Replacement Project Moving Forward

November 21, 2016

At a School Improvement Team meeting held on November 2nd (minutes here), it was confirmed that $11.2M has been dedicated to replace and upgrade the cafeteria at the Bruce Monroe @ Park View Elementary School. The project was delayed in part due to a lot of turnover at the Department of General Services, both on the procurement and project management side. As a result, DGS has decided to execute in a more efficient way — Design-Build. This is when the architect and construction company are brought on together, which allows the design, planning, pricing, permitting, and construction to move quicker. The cafeteria kitchen expansion project is expected to increase the dining area for students and cooking space for staff.

At the time of this posting, the RFP had not been issued, but is expected to be issued any day. Interested neighbors can check the  Bruce Monroe @ Park View School Modernization Web page for updates.

NRHP Park View School(The Park View elementary school at 3560 Warder Street, NW)

More Improvements Headed for Park View School

January 21, 2016
Bruce-Monroe @ Park View Elementary, located on Warder Street.

Bruce-Monroe @ Park View Elementary, located on Warder Street.

A core group of School Improvement Team members met at the Bruce-Monroe @ Park View school last night to begin discussing additional improvements to the school. Among those in attendance were teachers and school administrators, representatives from DCPS and DGS, Councilmember Nadeau, Commissioner Boese, and a few parents. The primary purpose of the meeting was to set expectations for future meetings and to begin the dialogue to determine what improvements should be made.

The school currently has a budget of roughly $5.7 Million  to put towards design and construction. There will also be a River Smart Grant available in 2017, though the amount is not yet known but probably won’t be for more than around one to two hundred thousand dollars.

While a project high on the priority list for the school is a renovated cafeteria and parking lot, it was shared that the money needed for that project would be around $10 Million. To begin the conversation, Patrick Davis of the DC Public Schools shared a list of potential projects with the group (below).


As part of the discussion, it was noted that there is a strong desire to finish the modernization of the school, and that the cafeteria is a high priority. The homework given to DCPS prior to the next SIT meeting is to compile a complete list of projects required to consider the Park View School building as fully modernized, along with cost estimates for those projects. While the SIT currently needs to make a decision for the use of the $5.7M, it is also interested in knowing what funding is needed to finish the modernization. The first phase of modernizing the building was completed in Summer 2012.

New Crowd-Funding Resource for Supporters of Bruce-Monroe @ Park View

September 15, 2015

Guest post from Sarah Sorscher:

bmpv funding imageI wanted to share a new crowd-funding resource with the Park View community that allows parents, community members, and supporters of education everywhere to fund classrooms at Park View’s local elementary school, Bruce-Monroe Elementary at Park View.

Teachers at BMPV cannot solicit donations directly from parents because of federal regulations meant to protect low-income families from being asked to pay added costs when attending school. But these teachers have many deserving ideas for projects, field-trips, and other resource-intensive activities. Often, teachers pay out-of-pocket to make these ideas possible.

Now there is a new crowd-funding resource available to BMPV teachers: The current projects for BMPV teachers are listed below. Please consider donating to a worthy local teacher as a way to support our neighborhood school.

Maribel Bravo’s Classroom

Grade(s) Pre-K

Need Pre-K, early learning

Luis Pozo-Lin’s Classroom

Grade(s) 2nd Grade

Need Literacy, reading materials

Jenna Paoletti’s Classroom

Subject Music

Need Arts and music education

Jaytzanie Rivera Andino’s Classroom

Grade(s) Kindergarten

Need Pre-K, early learning

Marlen Joglar’s Classroom

Grade(s) Pre-K

Need Pre-K, early learning

Bruce-Monroe @ Park View May Soon Have Operational Elevator

September 15, 2014


In visiting Bruce-Monroe @ Park View Elementary School last Friday, I was able to see the progress of the new elevator that is being installed. Judging from what I was able to observe and the conversation, the elevator could be finished in the next week or so. Then the elevator will need to pass its inspection before it can be officially placed in service.

I also learned that the lifts that are planned to provide ADA access to the cafeteria and gymnasium are still in the planning process. I’ll be following up with DGS to learn more about when work will begin with them.

It’s nice to see the elevator nearing completion. I began working on this in January 2014 after learning that the school had an immediate need to provide access for one of their students. The funding was identified from FY14 funds and therefore not represented in the FY 15 budget.


1st Annual Bruce-Monroe @ Park View Community Day a Success

June 23, 2014

On Saturday, June 21st, the Bruce-Monroe at Park View school had their first annual Community Fair Day. The day started with a parade from the former Bruce-Monroe site to their current school on Warder Street and Park View Recreation Center. This was followed by the community fair at the recreation center.

Commissioners Bobby Holmes and Kent Boese

Commissioners Bobby Holmes and Kent Boese

ANC1A Commissioners Bobby Holmes and Kent Boese participated in the parade and fair as did many others in the neighborhood. Khalia Smalley, the 6-year-old girl who was one of the two recent shooting victims at Park Morton, was the Grand Marshal and led the parade.

The parade began at Georgia and Irving and wound through the Park Morton playground on its way to the Park View Recreation Center.

Despite the rainy weather the event was well attended and a success. Much appreciation goes out to the school’s principal, Dr. Palacios, and the entire Bruce-Monroe at Park View community for organizing this event.

The Washington Post also covered the event. You can read the Post’s article here:

IMG_6763(Grand Marshal Khalia Smalley ready to get things started at the old Bruce-Monroe site)

IMG_6775(Dr. Palacios and Khalia Smalley leading the parade through the Park Morton playground).

IMG_6777(The Park View Recreation Center included a moon bounce and a water slide)

1st Annual Bruce-Monroe at Park View Community Fair Day This Saturday

June 17, 2014

This coming Saturday, June 21, 2014, from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. our local elementary school — Bruce-Monroe at Park View — will be having their first annual Community Fair Day to celebrate the end of school (see flyer below).

The day will begin with a parade that will start at the old Bruce-Monroe site and end at the current school/Park View Rec Center. The parade is scheduled to occur between 10:00-10:50 a.m. and will commence from the old Bruce-Monroe site on Georgia Ave. and go up Warder Street. From 11:00-11:30 a.m. the school’s principal, Dr. Palacios, and the administration will address the community and officially open Fair Day 2014.

The entire community is invited to participate. The Fair will have food for sale, a Moon Bounce/Water Slide, Free Activities, face painting, Tye-Dye, and performances from the students.

Lastly, I understand that the school is still in need of community volunteers to help with set-up/take down of the games and running one of the booths. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Dual Language Program Teacher Maribel Bravo at Maribel (dot) Bravo (at)

BMPV Fair Day

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