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Have You Noticed the Bike Lanes on Rock Creek Church Road?

September 3, 2014

I’ve been meaning to post about the bike lanes on Rock Creek Church Road for a while now. Around July 8th, DDOT began installing a dedicated northbound bike lane and a shared southbound bike lane on Rock Creek Church Road between Upshur Street at the north end and 5th Street/Park Place on the south end.

One of the purposes of the lane is to reduce the vehicle travel lanes in this section of the road to encourage drivers to travel closer to the speed limit. This section of Rock Creek Church Road has traditionally been problematic when it comes to speeding traffic. Additionally,the dedicated bike lane is for those traveling uphill.

This project was part of DDOT’s bicycle infrastructure plan for several years, and actually two years behind schedule, making it a very welcome addition to the area.

Below are photos of the new lanes.

bike lanes(Looking north from 5th Street/Park Place. The northbound lane is a dedicate lane up to Upshur Street. The southbound lane is only dedicated between Quincy and 5th Place)

IMG_7283(Looking south from Upshur Street)

Continued Infrastructure Improvement on Rock Creek Church Road, NW

August 2, 2010

The resurfacing of Rock Creek Church Road, NW, continued last week with the 700 and 800 blocks. By the end of the week, the entire length of the street between Georgia Avenue and Park Place had been completed.

Based on the orange netting around the trees and the marks on the sidewalk along the 700 block, I’m guessing that sidewalk repair will commence this week.


DDOT Continuing to Repave Rock Creek Church Road, NW

July 28, 2010

DDOT is continuing to repave Rock Creek Church Road. They finished the 500/600 block of the street on July 21st and moved along to the 700 block.

While they started this stretch by removing the surface on Monday, I suspect that — like the 600 block — repair and replacement of bad sections of sidewalk will also be included in the effort.

This seems particularly likely since the sidewalks have red arrow markings indicating the bad sections needed replacement.


Rock Creek Church Rd Work Done, Looks Great!

July 21, 2010

The 600 block of Rock Creek Church Road is newly paved and looking good. Once the crew got around to working on the street itself, it only took two days. I don’t know if this is standard or not, but this was a great crew.


Road Work Commencing on Rock Creek Church Road, NW, 7/19/10

July 19, 2010

After a few weeks of repairing and replacing most of the sidewalks and all of the crosswalk ramps, road work is finally beginning along Rock Creek Church Road between Warder and 5th/Park Place.

No parking along the road will be in effect through July 24th. Work started on June 28th and was estimated to take about three weeks. DDOT hasn’t been able to keep to that schedule, though it seems largely due to this summer’s heat.

Thus far, the crew has been great. The work they’ve done on the sidewalks has exceeded my exceptions. The only complaint I have has nothing to do DDOT, but rather the individual who has taken it upon themselves to inscribe “FLEX” along with other words in some sections of the concrete before it has completely set.

Dump trucks on Rock Creek Church Rd awaiting the start of road construction


Rock Creek Church Work Has Begun

June 29, 2010

Crews were out early to remove the old sidewalk at Reserve 321-A

Around 7 a.m. Monday morning, June 28, 2010, the work crew showed up to begin the reconstruction of the 500/600 block of Rock Creek Church Road, NW. They cordoned off the trees along the south side of the street and began by removing the sidewalks on the north and east side of the reserve at Rock Creek Church and Park Place. In less than an hour, the crew had the old sidewalk removed and forms in place along the north side of the reserve.

New sidewalks in place

Considering the heat of the day and the intense storm that hit in the afternoon, considerable progress was made. By the end of the day the new sidewalks were in place along the north and part of the east sides of the property. The crosswalk sections had not been touched.

From the notice that was distributed to residents it was clear that the roads were a major part of the project. This leads me to wonder if the crosswalk ramps need to wait until the streets have been started or if there is some other reason why they couldn’t be included in the rest of the sidewalk work. Either way, I’m sure there will be an answer in short order as work progresses.

A sea of orange greets pedestrians as they walk along Rock Creek Church Rd, NW. The project is estimated to take 3 weeks


Reminder: Rock Creek Church Road Work to Begin 6/28/10

June 25, 2010

The 500 & 600 blocks of Rock Creek Church Road are scheduled to be rebuilt over the next three weeks. You can read the earlier post here. In addition to the construction, residential curbside parking will not be permitted while construction is underway.

Yesterday afternoon, supplies started to arrive at Park Place and Rock Creek Church Road as you can see below.


600 Block of Rock Creek Church Rd Scheduled for Restoration

June 14, 2010

Residents on the 600 block of Rock Creek Church Road received notification Saturday that street restoration work will commence on or about “Monday, June 25, 2010” [sic, 28th?]. Construction is estimated to be completed in approximately three weeks.

In speaking to the DDOT representative who was marking the street and sidewalks, damaged parts of the sidewalk and reworked cross walk ramps are within the scope of the work. The block of 3664-3674 Park Place was also marked up for inclusion in the project.

The biggest inconvenience residents will notice during the project will be the suspension of curbside parking while work is in progress. Since passage will be reduced to one lane traffic during construction, parking on Rock Creek Church will not be allowed until the project ends.

Damaged sidewalks and curb ramps will also be repaired as part of the project


New Construction at Sweet Mango?

May 13, 2010

Wednesday, an impromptu wall began to rise on the Rock Creek Church Road frontage of Sweet Mango. After some investigation, I’ve learned that this construction was done without a permit and that a stop work order was issued.

Is this something that is appropriate for this location? My general concerns would be that the sidewalk is already narrow at this location due to the loading area cut into the curb. Also, while I haven’t seen plans, would having  a wall that is +/- six foot high create any safety issues at this location?

The Fence is anchored by holes drilled into the sidewalk


Looks Like the Bungalow on the 300 Block of Rock Creek Church Rd is Getting Fixed Up

February 24, 2010

As long as I’ve lived on Rock Creek Church Road, there’s been this great opportunity of a bungalow that was just crying out for someone to restore. If memory serves, it is at 335 Rock Creek Church.

Well, a neighbor a few blocks away sent me the following update on the property with some images of its current state of repairs.

Thought you might be interested in this renovation that is going on!  Since moving into the 300 block of Rock Creek Church Road, we learned that this single family, detached bungalow has been empty for a while and has been the ugly one on the block.  Rumor has it that it was to be a boarding house for troubled girls, but the organizer ran out of funds.  It has since been picked up by “We Buy Ugly Houses.”  I spoke with the manager of their DC properties and he said it would be a beauty!  Originally, the owners talked about demo-ing and trying to build a monster house.  They decided against it as it was already quite sizable and they were able to avoid major changes to the permits (apparently, when they bought the place it came with approved plans!)  Once done, it will be a 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath house with finished space over 3,500 square feet!  It was painted last week and is looking quite nice with new windows, a new roof and a new porch.  This will be one to keep an eye on for a pulse on prices in the neighborhood!  I’m hoping to bump into the manager again so I can take a tour!

I agree that anything that makes the house habitable again is a step in the right direction and will bring the entire block up in value. If I’m reading the DC Real Property database appropriately (and if I have the right house), 335 RCCR last sold in December, 2009, for $130,000.

Still, the part of me that clings to historical accuracy is sad to see that the original door was removed, the brick has been painted, and the character of the front porch has been lost. I know its a difficult decision on how to approach a structure that’s been vacant for a while, and I know there was no way to save the windows and can only imagine the damage the developers have had to deal with.

Below is an idea of what this house looked like before restoration. Let’s hope we’ll be able to welcome new neighbors soon, I certainly looks like its going to be a nice house when they’re done.

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