600 Block of Rock Creek Church Rd Scheduled for Restoration

Residents on the 600 block of Rock Creek Church Road received notification Saturday that street restoration work will commence on or about “Monday, June 25, 2010” [sic, 28th?]. Construction is estimated to be completed in approximately three weeks.

In speaking to the DDOT representative who was marking the street and sidewalks, damaged parts of the sidewalk and reworked cross walk ramps are within the scope of the work. The block of 3664-3674 Park Place was also marked up for inclusion in the project.

The biggest inconvenience residents will notice during the project will be the suspension of curbside parking while work is in progress. Since passage will be reduced to one lane traffic during construction, parking on Rock Creek Church will not be allowed until the project ends.

Damaged sidewalks and curb ramps will also be repaired as part of the project


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6 Comments on “600 Block of Rock Creek Church Rd Scheduled for Restoration”

  1. IMGoph Says:

    that piece of sidewalk you used as an example there doesn’t look too damaged to me…what’s wrong with it?

  2. Kent Says:

    Good question. It isn’t damaged … but they are also redoing all of the corner ramps to the current standards (which includes the raised bumps)

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