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Shooting on Rock Creek Church Road Early Saturday

December 8, 2009

According to information sent to the Prince of Petworth from a resident on Rock Creek Church Road, there was a shooting and police activity at the intersection of RCCR and 8th Street at about 1 a.m. Saturday morning (12/5/09).

MPD tells me that two men standing in line at Sweet Mango were shot. Both victims clam there was no apparent reason for the shooting. In responding to the incident, 4D offices arrested one of the victims on a warrant.

Rock Creek Church Rd. Neighbors Focus on Speed

October 21, 2009

The neighbors along Rock Creek Church Road have been working diligently with MPD, DDOT, and elected officials over the last several months to address the excessive speed on Rock Creek Church Road. The City, and in particular MPD, has been very supportive and have been monitoring the traffic and speed conditions by various methods.

To further the goal of getting measures in place to reduce speed on RCCR, Ward 4 resident Rob Mandle, along with neighbors Mehl Penrose & Eddie Suarez, has put together a petition which outlines what actions the community would like to see put in place. Upon reviewing the proposal, they all seem very reasonable and have potential for making a huge impact with minimal cost to the City.

The chief traffic calming measures the petition lists are:

  • Install one stop sign on the northeastern approach towards Illinois Avenue NW on Rock Creek Church Road NW
  • Install one stop sign on the southwestern approach towards Illinois Avenue NW on Rock Creek Church Road NW
  • Convert the intersection of Quincy Street and Park Place/5th Street NW to an all-way stop
  • Alter the signal timing at Park Place/5th Street and Rock Creek Church Road NW to be an all-way stop

The deadline to sign the petition is Tuesday, October 27, at 6 pm. To sign a petition, there is a copy at Rob’s house (303 Rock Creek Church Road NW), or, you can print of a copy of the petition and get it to Rob by the deadline. If you have questions, you can also email Rob Mandle.

To read the entire petition or get more information, click on the image below (petition and image supplied by Rob Mandle).
 RCCR Speeding Issue


Some Items of Note from the ANC 4C Meeting Last Night

September 9, 2009

Metro bus at Rock Creek Church Rd and Warder St.There were two items of interest to northern Park View at last night’s ANC 4C meeting.

The first was when Dana Baker of WMATA address the room to respond to recent complaints about Metro buses speeding down Rock Creek Church Road. This has been a constant problem. Ms. Baker stated that WMATA is addressing this issue by taking the following preventative measures:

  • They will increase supervisory monitoring;
  • They will conduct regular radar checks;
  • They will discuss the issue of speeding buses in bi-weekly safety meeting with drivers; and,
  • There will be severe disciplinary action to any operator involved in the unsafe operation of a Metro bus.

Time will tell if these measures are successful.

Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro stationThe second item of interest was when Capt. Brian Heanue, the Evening Watch Commander of the Metro Transit Police, addressed the room to talk about crime at the Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro station. Some residents spoke to the issue of litter and loitering which will be looked into.

Capt. Heanue, speaking specifically on criminal behavior at the station, stated that for the period of June and July, 2009, there were 21 crimes reported at this station. While he did not have hard comparative information at hand, he estimates that this is about a 50% increase in criminal activity. Of the 21 cases, there were still 4 open cases for robbery.

Lastly, Capt. Heanue informed the group that in addition to the general Metro numbers and email options available to contact Metro with problems and concerns, the direct line for Metro’s Transit Police is 202-962-2121.

Another Hurdle Cleared for Rock Creek Market

September 2, 2009

Rock Creek MarketI was greeted by a real treat when I returned home from work last night … the sight of Rock Creek Market making real progress. The refrigeration units have arrived and are ready to install!

I was also fortunate enough to meet the future manager of the market who invited me into the space to see the progress for myself. I am very impressed — it really looks like its going to be nice. There were rows of empty shelves waiting to be stocked, a nice checkout counter that was completely free of a cage and safety glass, and cooler parts waiting to be assembled (having just arrived).

If all goes well, the market could be open in as little as two more weeks. One thing that they would like to do but have been unable to get a license for is to operate a deli, which would permit them to sell open cups of coffee. If this is a service that you’d support at Rock Creek Market make sure you attend tonight’s Park View UNC meeting at the Rec Center. There will be a petition you can sign to support the deli license.

Rock Creek Market Refrigeration


Curb Ramps and Sidewalks being Replaced at Georgia & Rock Creek Church

September 1, 2009

As you can see below, the southeast corner of Georgia Ave. and Rock Creek Church Rd. is currently being torn out so that it can be replaced. This is part of the greater rebuilding of the entire Georgia/New Hampshire Aves. intersection.
Sidewalk and curb work
Sidewalk and curb work

756 Rock Creek Church Road: Some Interesting History

August 28, 2009

756 Rock Creek Church RoadOccasionally when you dig into the history of places you find the most interesting facts in some of the most uninteresting locations. An example of this would be 756 Rock Creek Church Road.

Should you find yourself standing in front of 756 Rock Creek Church Road it is a very unassuming structure located near the Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro station. It is in the first row of homes constructed by Kennedy Brothers on the old Cammack estate in 1910.

What makes the site of note is its first residents, Mr. George G. Seibold and his wife Grace Darling Seibold. While George was a linotype operator and proofreader of the Evening Star, it was Grace who brings the most interest to this Park View address – in not one but two ways. (more…)

Maintenance Continues on Soldiers’ Home Fence

August 25, 2009

Its nice to see that work on the Old Solders’ Home fence did not end with repairing the damage from the July 4, 2008, accident. Not only did they fix the impacted area, but they are currently repainting the other brick columns that support the iron work along Rock Creek Church Road. The image below was photographed this morning.

Fence Maintenance at Old Soldiers' Home

Rock Creek Market Update

August 17, 2009

Rock Creek MarketWhile it doesn’t look like Rock Creek Market will be opening in mid-August as they’d hoped, things are still moving along. I’ve learned that they have received a basic grocery license. I also noticed late last week that security measures have been added in response to the recent vandalism. I also really like the new street numbers that have been added over the door.
Rock Creek Market
Rock Creek Market

Vandalism of Rock Creek Market Delays Opening

July 27, 2009

P1010003Vandalism of the Rock Creek Market, first with graffiti on June 18th (right), and later with the breaking of two windows (below), has caused concern to the owner and developer of the store. Having to deal with senseless vandalism prior to even being open has fortunately not ended this great addition to the neighborhood before its even begun.

While everything is still on track to open, the date has now been moved to the middle of August. This will allow for the repair of the recent damage and the inclusion of additional precautions against property crime.
Damaged window, corner store

Fence Repair at Old Soldiers’ Home Continues

July 13, 2009

Following up on my earlier post that the Old Soldiers’ Home is finally repairing their fence that was struck by a car on July 4, 2008, yesterday workers were on site installing the fence itself. Fence Repair at Old Soldiers' Home
Fence Repair at Old Soldiers' Home


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