New Construction at Sweet Mango?

Wednesday, an impromptu wall began to rise on the Rock Creek Church Road frontage of Sweet Mango. After some investigation, I’ve learned that this construction was done without a permit and that a stop work order was issued.

Is this something that is appropriate for this location? My general concerns would be that the sidewalk is already narrow at this location due to the loading area cut into the curb. Also, while I haven’t seen plans, would having  a wall that is +/- six foot high create any safety issues at this location?

The Fence is anchored by holes drilled into the sidewalk


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5 Comments on “New Construction at Sweet Mango?”

  1. Dave Says:

    I agree that this is inappropriate because of the narrow side walk particularly where the new wall angles towards the dumpster (right side of your top pic).

    In addition, the owner is poorly maintaining what he has already. The existing beige-colored paneling is need of painting, and sections of it are rotting and need to be replaced (e.g., the paneling below the rooftop patio and the doors to the dumpster).

    The owner may have had good intentions; that is, to create a storage area that shields his crap from passersby. But he needs to comply with city code. What happened to the attorney that volunteered to help him stay in code/law compliance after the recent fiasco over his liquor license?

  2. Lanisa Says:

    I agree with the above comment. Plus, I am concerned about community input. New establishments generally consult with the community prior to construction and in relation to their operating procedures. Should we not hold older neighborhood establishments to the same standard?

    Notice too that the newly erected wall is only part of the project. The adjacent building has been almost completely gutted by the Sweet Mango crew. Since my house is directly across the street, I have a front row seat to the construction projects that occur in the wee hours of the morning (read 9pm-2am). I can’t be certain but it appears as if an unwarranted expansion of the existing facility is on the horizon.

    It would be interesting to get a history of the building permits pulled for Sweet Mango. The building has grown exponentially in the past five years.

  3. db Says:

    Sad that each subsequent “improvement” is really just more hideously and irreparably damaging a once charming property.

    Growth like cancer. Please hire architects, people. OMG

  4. Lanisa Says:


    It appears that Sweet Mango has secured a permit to construct the fence. I noticed today that the stop work order was removed.

    Based on older pictures of the property (as shown on this blog), it seems pretty obvious that the fence encroaches on public property. Nonetheless, it appears that the city has approved the project.

    I cannot figure out why or how, but Sweet Mango Cafe appears to have free reign of the corner of New Hampshire and Rock Creek Church Road, the gateway to our beloved Park View.

  5. […] may recall that back in May 2010 Sweet Mango began to erect a fence without permits on public space. At the time, I wrote the […]

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