Columbia Heights & Georgia Avenue Metro Escalator Replacements Should be Completed in October

Posted September 27, 2016 by Kent
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In February 2016 WMATA announced that they would begin replacing the escalators at the east entrances to the Columbia Heights and Georgia Avenue Metro Stations on April 18th and March 21st respectively. The duration of the replacement projects were estimated to be 35 weeks for the Columbia Heights Station and 45 weeks for the Georgia Avenue Station.

In looking at both stations over the weekend, both projects appear to be on track for completion in early October, with the escalators at Georgia Avenue appearing that they may be completed slightly ahead of the those in Columbia Heights.

cohi-escalators-2(View of Escalator Replacement Efforts at the Columbia Heights Station (above))


(Above and Below: New Escalators at the Georgia Avenue Station)



New Murals Headed for Neighborhood as Part of District Walls

Posted September 26, 2016 by Kent
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New Park View mural on Georgia Avenue between Lamont and Kenyon.

New Park View mural on Georgia Avenue between Lamont and Kenyon.

The Georgia Avenue corridor is about to get more colorful in the coming days. I’m sure many have already noticed the new Park View mural on the west side of Georgia midway between Lamont and Kenyon (see inset), but there are two more that I am aware of that will be in progress starting today — one on the side of 829 Rock Creek Church Road (west of Georgia) and one on the side of 649 Kenyon Street (just east of Georgia Avenue).

The new murals on Kenyon and Rock Creek Church Road are part of Art Whino’s District Walls project. Art Whino will be curating 10 world renowned abstract muralists who will be painting murals through Washington, DC.  Numerous local artists will assist these muralists, allowing for an exchange of artistic knowledge.  DISTRICT WALLS is supported in part by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. Muralist began painting the week of September 19th and will finish their murals by September 30th.

Below is a photo of the mural on Rock Creek Church Road in progress.

img_1560(Mural in progress at 829 Rock Creek Church Road, by Waone of Interesni Kazki)

… and below is the design created by artist Remi Rough for the side of Kenyon Place.

remirough-mural(Design by Remi Rough for 649 Kenyon Street)

(h/t to Park View neighbor Zach Nalbone)

Church to Condo Conversion Development Trending Up in the District

Posted September 23, 2016 by Kent
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There was an interesting article in the Washington Post yesterday that focused on the challenge of converting a historic church property into condos. While church to condo conversions have been happening throughout the District — with some project being more successful than others — I suspect that we’ll see our share of them in the Columbia Heights/Petworth area in the near future.

One property I’ve definitely had my eye on is the old Rona Baptist Church building at 13th and Monroe streets, NW. It’s been for sale for quite a while now and is currently home to Grace Meridian Hill Church. Several years ago there had been some discussion about converting the old Methodist church on Columbia Road between 14th and 15th streets into housing as well.

Closer to home, the old Pittman church building on Morton Street just east of Sherman was recently converted into condos with new infill construction along Sherman Avenue as part of the development.

Below is a video that was made of the developer of Morton Street Mews, where he talks about his project and the church.

DDOT to Sod Tree Space Areas on 600 Block of Princeton

Posted September 22, 2016 by Kent
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img_1485The 600 block of Princeton Place had a lot of sidewalk work done back in May that also tore up the tree space areas. Now, according to signs posted earlier this week, DDOT is prepared to undertake sodding of the tree spaces on Princeton.

In looking at the area between the sidewalk and the curbs on the block, the current state is dirt and weeds, so I’m pleased that DDOT will be restoring the area to what it was prior to their sidewalk replacement work.

img_1484(Section of 600 block of Princeton Place showing the weed-filled tree area.)

Snapshot of DDOT’s Crosstown Multimodal Study Recommendations

Posted September 21, 2016 by Kent
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Last week I posted the highlights of the final Crosstown Multimodal Study Meeting, including some of the projects DDOT will be  recommending as part of that process. The full materials from the meeting have finally been posted online and are available for deeper review. However, I definitely wanted to highlight the Handout of the Recommended Projects, which indicates the broad range of projects, which mode they relate to, and how long it could take for implementation due to complexity. I’m also including them below for ease of access.



Random Sights Along Georgia Avenue Show Progress for Small Businesses

Posted September 20, 2016 by Kent
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In walking along Georgia Avenue over the weekend, I noticed progress on two of the small businesses that are headed our way. The first was a very encouraging sign that The Midlands plans to open this fall. Not only have the signs been updated to reflect this, but they are also now seeking to hire staff (see below).


The other business that is showing signs of progress is District Dogs, which is fixing up the former Petworth Liquors building. They recently painted the outside and are cleaning it up.


Redevelopment of 711 Irving Street is Interesting

Posted September 19, 2016 by Kent
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711 Irving(711 Irving in mid-construction.)

I had a number of people reach out to me after seeing the construction at the rowhouse at 711 Irving Street, NW. In looking over the site, it appears that very little of the original house will be retained, and in reviewing the plan that is available at the DCRA Website along with a determination letter and other drawings, what little is standing today probably won’t be retained once it is encased. Anyway, that would be my guess as the floorplans show open plan layouts.

711 Irving(Another view of the redevelopment of 711 Irving Street, NW.)

What is interesting to me is that the very deep lot is essentially being developed so that a new single family home will sit on the front of the lot with a new single family home constructed on the back of the lot. What will keep the structures from being considered two structures is a hallway connector that allows the entrance of the rear building to be located on Irving.

The project appears to have been approved under the old zoning regulations. Overall, I think it is interesting that by bringing the building forward it is more in line with the properties to its east on the other side of the alley. It also won’t seem so different from its neighbors when construction begins across the street for the redevelopment of Park Morton.

Below is the perspective of the new building from the DCRA Website.

711-irving(Perspective of 711 Irving by Arcadia Design.)

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