Have You Noticed the Bike Lanes on Rock Creek Church Road?

I’ve been meaning to post about the bike lanes on Rock Creek Church Road for a while now. Around July 8th, DDOT began installing a dedicated northbound bike lane and a shared southbound bike lane on Rock Creek Church Road between Upshur Street at the north end and 5th Street/Park Place on the south end.

One of the purposes of the lane is to reduce the vehicle travel lanes in this section of the road to encourage drivers to travel closer to the speed limit. This section of Rock Creek Church Road has traditionally been problematic when it comes to speeding traffic. Additionally,the dedicated bike lane is for those traveling uphill.

This project was part of DDOT’s bicycle infrastructure plan for several years, and actually two years behind schedule, making it a very welcome addition to the area.

Below are photos of the new lanes.

bike lanes(Looking north from 5th Street/Park Place. The northbound lane is a dedicate lane up to Upshur Street. The southbound lane is only dedicated between Quincy and 5th Place)

IMG_7283(Looking south from Upshur Street)

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5 Comments on “Have You Noticed the Bike Lanes on Rock Creek Church Road?”

  1. These are great, but what about something like this on Irving St where traffic routinely goes so fast it shakes our home!

  2. rmandle Says:

    For those interested in pursuing similar project’s in their areas, this project entered DDOT’s bike infrastructure plan after the idea was pitched to them. I had been working on traffic calming strategies with the neighborhood for quite some time and having recently been elected as ANC Commissioner for 4C10, I reached out to DDOT’s Chris Holben and Mike Goodno in early 2010 to present the concept. Already receiving a fair amount of bicycle traffic, the addition of a climbing lane was a no brainer that also achieved traffic calming goals by reducing the travel lane. Work with your neighbors, reach out to your ANC and your CM to help stimulate interest in you own project!

  3. Monkeydaddy Says:

    I love the bike lanes. I worry about a curved stretch of RCC between Varnum and Webster where southbound traffic routinely crosses over the double-yellow line into the other lane — but that problem existed before the bike lanes.

  4. parkviewres Says:

    This street desperately needs a speed camera to slow people down. The H8 bus is often the WORST offender!

    Also, motorcycles routinely travel 60+ mph down this road. They should be banned.

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