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Tsehay Ethiopian Restaurant Coming to 3630 Georgia Avenue

July 31, 2018

ABRA has posted notice that Tsehay Ethiopian Restaurant has applied for a liquor license at 3630 Georgia Avenue. The new restaurant will serve Ethiopian food. The application is also for use of a Summer Garden with 20 seats in addition to 42 seats inside and a total occupancy load of 62. The applicant is also requesting full hours of operation as well as an Entertainment Endorsement to provide live entertainment inside the premises and for the summer garden (read ABRA otice here).


ABRA Removes License Suspension with La Morenita — Offer in Compromise Negotiated

December 7, 2017

La Morenita is located on the northeast corner of Newton and Georgia, between the Senior Wellness Center and Top Spanish

La Morenita was scheduled to go before the ABRA Board on Friday, December 1st, to address the incidents on November 13th and 19th that led to MPD closing the business down for 96-hours at the end of November. Instead, an offer in compromise (OIC) was negotiated  and presented to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC Board) by the Assistant Attorney General at the summary suspension proceeding. The proposed OIC, which the ABRA Board has the discretion to accept or reject can be read here.

In addition to the suspension served, the offer in compromise consists of the following terms:

  1. La Morenita Restaurant, LLC t/a La Morenita Restaurant (Licensee) agrees to train all employees to call the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) by dialing 911 when there is any injury, assault, physical altercation, or other crime involving staff or patrons. Licensee will provide training on calling MPD to existing employees the next business day following receipt of the Board order ending the suspension. All new employees will be trained on calling MPD prior to commencing employment.
  2. Licensee agrees to preserve a crime scene inside the establishment for MPD inspection if a violent crime occurs.
  3. License agrees that all employees will call MPD when there is any injury, assault, physical altercation, or other crime involving staff or patrons.
  4. Licensee agrees that all employees will fully cooperate with MPD or the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) with their requests for information.
  5. Licensee agrees to keep a log of police calls in a form acceptable to the Board. The form shall be submitted to the Board for review within 14 days. Licensee also agrees to keep an incident log.
  6. Licensee agrees to disable password access to its camera system and to grant immediate access to the camera system upon request by any Jaw enforcement official, including MPD officers and ABRA Investigators.
  7. Licensee agrees to modify the camera system within thirty days to retain video recordings for at least thirty days.
  8. Licensee agrees to submit a diagram to the Board with the location of all cameras within 30 days.
  9. Licensee agrees that, prior to re-opening the establishment, an ABRA Investigator will inspect the camera system for location of cameras to ensure that they properly cover the interior, exterior, and front and rear of the establishment.
  10. Licensee agrees to work with an ABRA Investigator to resolve any problems with cameras identified in the inspection within 45 days, provided that no fewer than six cameras will operate during that time.
  11. Licensee agrees to inform the Board within 48 hours when it learns that the camera system is not operational. Licensee agrees to repair the camera system within 30 days.
  12. Licensee agrees to have a security guard at the establishment for a period of 120 days commencing December 2, 2017 at the front door on Friday and Saturday nights, either from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am, if closing at 2:00 am, or from 10:00 pm to 3 :00 am, if closing at 3 :00 am. The security guard also will complete the police call log if the guard makes a call to MPD and complete the incident log.
  13. Licensee agrees to provide to the Board a copy of the security company contract within seven days.
  14. Licensee agrees to verify that any bartender employed is at least 21 years old.

Joselyn Restaurant Applies for Liquor License

July 20, 2015
Joselyn Restaurant, at 3303 Georgia Avenue.

Joselyn Restaurant, at 3303 Georgia Avenue.

The new Joselyn Restaurant, Bar & Lounge at 3303 Georgia Avenue recently applied for a liquor license and placards are currently posted. According to the placard, the restaurant serves Italian and Latin cuisine. The application also includes an entertainment endorsement to accommodate Latin dance lessons. The hours of operation for live entertainment will be 6 pm to 1 am, Sunday through Saturday.

While the ABRA application is new, Joselyn has been open for a little while. It is located between the Post Office and the former Mothership on Georgia Avenue.

Hush Lounge Denied Liquor License

June 1, 2015
3124 Georgia Avenue, NW

3124 Georgia Avenue, NW, where Hush Lounge is hoping to locate.

On Friday, May 29, I learned that Hush Lounge’s Liquor License application had been denied by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. We first learned of Hush’s intentions to move into 3124 Georgia Avenue back in November 2014. During that time, I introduced a protest that was unanimously supported by Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A as the business sounded like a club more so than a tavern as it listed an entertainment endorsement, cover charge, and dancing. This seemed like a prudent course of action that would also allow Rashida Brown, the Commissioner-elect for Single Member District 1A10 to take office and work with her community to address concerns.

As it turns out, the precaution turned out to be well worthwhile as there were several serious problems with the application, and another local business associated with the applicant had known problems including operating with an expired license and disorderly patrons. However, in reading the full Board Order denying Hush’s applicaiton, the problems go deeper than this.

The introduction of the Board Order reads:

The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (Board) hereby denies the Application for a New Retailer’s Class CT License filed by Anyado Hospitality Group, LLC, tla Hush Restaurant & Lounge, (hereinafter “Applicant” or “Hush”) for the following reasons: First, Mr. Nwaeze is unfit for licensure under District of Columbia (D.C.) Official Code § 25-301, because, as the owner of Taste, he illegally transferred the license to a new owner in violation of §§ 25-301(a)(5) and 25-405, and filed a false renewal application in violation of § 25-401(c). Second, the Board finds the Application inappropriate under D.C. Official Code § 25-313, because Mr. Nwaeze’s actions as the owner of Taste demonstrate that he cannot properly superintend a licensed establishment. Therefore, the Application is denied.

While the liquor license was denied, the Anyado Group is still under a lease agreement at 3124 Georgia Avenue. It is too early to know what, if anything, that may mean. None-the-less, the 11 hour protest hearing that resulted in the Board Order was epic, with Commissioner Rashida Brown representing the community and ANC 1A. She did a stellar job on this protest and is to be commended for her hard work and dedication.


Petworth Liquors’ Liquor License Up for Renewal

March 20, 2015

Petworth Liquors(Petworth Liquors, at 3210 Georgia)

Knowing that residents have had concerns about Petworth Liquors in the past, I thought people would like to know that the license is currently up for renewal. The notice that will be posted today is below:

Petworth  Liquors renewal

Hush Restaurant & Lounge Applies for Liquor License at 3124 Georgia Avenue

November 13, 2014
3124 Georgia Avenue, NW.

3124 Georgia Avenue, NW.

Here’s a new liquor license application that I was alerted to late yesterday afternoon — a Tavern license (Class “C”) for 3124 Georgia Avenue. The applicant is Anyado Hospitality Group, LLC dba Hush Restaurant & Lounge. The placards will go up on the building on Friday according to the official notice.

While Georgia Avenue has a number of successful businesses operating on a tavern license — including DC Reynolds and Looking Glass Lounge — in reading the notice, Hush Restaurant sounds more like a nightclub.  The brief description on the nature of the business lists “Tavern specializing in intercontinental food with seating capacity of 250 and total occupancy of 350. Summer garden with 100 seats. Entertainment endorsement to include cover charge and dancing.”

Due to this, ANC 1A voted unanimously to oppose this ABRA application until we’ve had enough time to engaged both the business owner and the community to better understand how this business will impact the community. It is also an opportunity to enter into a Settlement Agreement should that the be correct path forward.

A copy of the public notice is below.’


New Business Moving into Former MaMa’s Southern Cuisine Space

March 3, 2014
MaMa's C

The former MaMa’s Southern Cuisine at 3118 Georgia Avenue.

The former MaMa’s Southern Cuisine space is in the process of becoming a new business that will offer coffee, small plates, and ping pong. According to an ABRA Notice of Public Hearing notice that was issued on February 28th, Colony Club, LLC, has applied for a Class “C” Tavern license for 3118 Georgia Avenue. In addition to the aforementioned focus of the business, the application also lists that there will be a Summer Garden, alcoholic beverages, and entertainment from DJs and musicians.

The applicants hours of operation from their application are listed below:

Colony Club Proposed Hours

(The full ABRA notice is available here)

Correction to Sweet Mango Entertainment Endorsement Application

January 30, 2014
Sweet Mango, at 3701 New Hampshire Ave.

Sweet Mango, at 3701 New Hampshire Ave.

Here’s an update to the post last week about Sweet Mango applying for an entertainment endorsement. In reviewing the corrected notice of public hearing (below), it appears  that the application will contain dancing and a cover charge.

The original notice of public hearing stated “No dancing or cover charge.” As I stated last week, I’ll keep my ears open for additional details on this application.

Sweet Mango Correction

Sweet Mango Cafe Applies for an Entertainment Endorsement

January 23, 2014
Sweet Mango Cafe, located at 3701 New Hampshire Ave. NW.

Sweet Mango Cafe, located at 3701 New Hampshire Ave. NW.

I’ve just learned that Sweet Mango Cafe, located at 3701 New Hampshire Avenue (at Georgia &  Rock Creek Church Rd.) has applied for an entertainment endorsement. In reviewing the letter (below) I also noted that dancing and a cover charge will not be permitted as part of this application. (A corrected application issued the following week includes dancing and cover charge).

According to the Notice of Public Hearing, placards should be going up at Sweet Mango on Friday, January 24th, the date for petitions is March 10th, and a hearing date has been scheduled for March 24th.

I don’t yet know any more details about this application, but suspect this will be a topic at an upcoming ANC 4C meeting, so will keep an eye out.

Entertainment endorsement

Update on Where Things Stand with Proposed Move of Petworth Liquors

July 5, 2013
Petworth Liquor, currently located at 3210 Georgia.

Petworth Liquor, currently located at 3210 Georgia.

As news of Petworth Liquors desire to transfer their license from 3210 to 3213 Georgia Avenue has trickled through the neighborhood, there has been an overwhelming reaction in opposition to this move. So, I thought I’d updated everyone on where things stand on this issue since my post on June 24th.

To start with, ABRA reposted the Notice of Public Hearing with hours that match Petworth Liquors’ current hours of operation per their Settlement Agreement. This also alters the dates for protest and hearings to the following:

  • Posting Date:                          June 28, 2013
  • Petition Date:                          August 12, 2013
  • Roll Call Hearing Date:          August 26, 2013

Because ANC 1A does not meet in August, they will be considering a Protest at their July 10th meeting. The Protest would be of the substantial change to the License, which in this case would be the transfer of the license to 3213 Georgia. To help facilitate community input on this issue, ANC 1A09 Commissioner Bobby Holmes has set up a survey where residents can state their position and leave comments on this issue (Click here to access the survey).

The next meeting of the Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force will also focus on Petworth Liquors. The meeting will be held on Monday, July 8th, at 7:00 p.m. at the ECAC, 733 Euclid St. NW.  The owner of Petworth Liquors will be attending the meeting as part of the community discussion on the proposed move of Petworth Liquor to 3213 Georgia Avenue.

Lastly, in an attempt to be as informed on the businesses history as possible, I asked ABRA for their Investigative History on Petworth Liquors. I’m supplying it below (click on link for reports, the May 2013 report was not yet available).

  1. 5/8/13: Case #13-CMP-00221, Settlement agreement
  2. 4/20/13: Case #13-CMP-00217, Settlement Agreement; Hours of sale and service for off-premises retail licensees. 6/5/13: The Board requested a Show Cause Hearing.
  3. 1/4/12: Case #12-CMP-00018, Voluntary Agreement, Go-Cups. 2/29/12: The Board referred to staff for settlement. (Secondary; Unlisted) 3/8/12: $250 fine paid.
  4. 1/25/07: Case #8381, Sale to minors.  8/8/07: A Show Cause Hearing resulting in a $3,500 fine; a 15 day suspension with 8 days stayed and 7 days served on 8/20/07-8/28/07. 10/9/07: Fine paid.
  5. 12/7/06: Case #8268, Sale to minors.  Same disposition as Case #8381.

Because Petworth Liquors’ Settlement Agreement dates to 2009, I was primarily interested in violations after that date. Even without having the case report from May 2013, I don’t think it is needed to get an accurate picture of how the business operates … but I was able to find out that the May violation (13-CMP-00221) for Petworth Liquors contains charges relating to an after-hour violation and public intoxication near the storefront.

Based on ABRA’s Investigate History, as well as residents’ concerns regarding public safety and crime, I find the request to transfer the license to the east side of Georgia Avenue — especially a site in close proximity to residential households — to be unsupportable if the business operates in the future the way it has in the past.

I hope residents will take the time to complete the survey Commissioner Holmes set up. I also hope they will attend either the July 8th meeting on Euclid Street or the July 10th ANC 1A meeting at Harriet Tubman so that they can publicly voice their positions on this position prior to the ANC vote.

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