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Petworth Liquors Closed

May 16, 2016
Sign posted outside of Petworth Liquor.

Sign posted outside of Petworth Liquor.

Petworth Liquors, located at 3210 Georgia Avenue, has closed. I’ve heard through the grape vine that their lease was not renewed. When their liquor license was up for renewal in 2015 there were many who shared a less than favorable opinion about the business.

When the business attempted to transfer their license and store across Georgia Avenue in 2013 to the east side of the street, there was significant opposition to that effort, leading the business owner to withdraw their application and stay at 3210 Georgia instead.

It is unknown if Petworth Liquors will operate out of Suitland (per sign above) of look for another location on Georgia Avenue. If they move, it wouldn’t be the first time, as the business was located on the northwest corner of Georgia Avenue and Rock Creek Church Road prior to being displaced by Metro Construction as shown in the 1993 photograph below.

Petworth Liquors 1993(Detail of 1993 image from the Library of Congress showing Petworth Liquors to the north of Engine Co. 24.)

Petworth Liquors as it appears today (below).


Petworth Liquors’ Liquor License Up for Renewal

March 20, 2015

Petworth Liquors(Petworth Liquors, at 3210 Georgia)

Knowing that residents have had concerns about Petworth Liquors in the past, I thought people would like to know that the license is currently up for renewal. The notice that will be posted today is below:

Petworth  Liquors renewal

Giant Liquor the Latest Neighborhood Facade Improvement

August 6, 2014

Giant Liquor

Giant Liquor is the latest neighborhood business to renovate their facade. Giant Liquor is located at 3504 Georgia, just south of Newton Place and north of the Bank of America at Park Road. This facade improvement joins those that have recently occurred at The House and Everlasting Life Cafe.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Giant Liquor was considered the best of the Park View liquor stores to patronize. Of course, that was before Lion’s closed, renovated, and reopened in February 2012.

Below is what Lion’s looked like prior to renovation.

Giant Liquor(Image from 2011 found in rockcreek’s flickr pool)

Growler Station Now Open at Lion’s Fine Wines — 3614 Georgia Avenue

November 11, 2013
The new Growler station at Lion's, with up to 20 selections.

The new Growler station at Lion’s, with up to 20 selections.

It’s been a long time coming, but the growler station at Park View’s Lion’s Fine Wines & Spirits is finally operational. It opened for business on Friday, November 8th. The station can have up to 20 different selections. Currently, there are 18 on tap as two kegs haven’t arrived yet.

In looking at the station, I noticed that some of the 18 selections included:

  • 21st Amendment IPA
  • Flying Fish Octoberfish
  • Great Lakes Nosferatu
  • Epic Hopulent IPA, and
  • Devil’s BackBone O’fest

We first learned that Lion’s would be installing a growler station in July 2013. Work began at the beginning of October. Lion’s has certainly come a long way since it closed in 2011 for renovations and reopened under new management.

Don't have a growler bottle? No problem, you can get one at Lion's.

Don’t have a growler bottle? No problem, you can get one at Lion’s.

Work Begins on Lion’s Growler Station

October 9, 2013

Back in July I announced that Lion’s Fine Wines and spirits — located at 3614 Georgia Avenue — would be expanding their service to include a growler station. Well, installation of that station has finally begun. As originally planned, the station is to have 20 taps on hand. Below is a photo showing the work in progress and location of where the station will be.

Work has commenced on Lion's growler station.

Work has commenced on Lion’s growler station.

It’s Official — Petworth Liquors NOT Moving to 3213 Georgia Avenue

July 23, 2013
Petworth Liquor has withdrawn their application to relocate across the street.

Petworth Liquors has withdrawn their application to relocate across the street.

I’ve finally been able to confirm with ABRA that Petworth Liquors officially withdrew their application to transfer their liquor license to the location of the Tibet Shop. As of July 11th, ABRA ceased processing the application to transfer Petworth Liquors Class A license from 3210 Georgia Ave., NW to 3213 Georgia Ave., NW. I’ve also noticed that the placards have been removed from 3213 Georgia.

This is a good opportunity to address two presumptions I’ve heard in relation to this proposed relocation and its opposition. The first is that Petworth Liquors was forced out. The other is that the store was only moving 45 feet across the street, so why would residents oppose the new location when they were ok with the old location.

Regarding being “pushed out”, the owner of the building and the business were one and the same, so Petworth Liquors was not renting space from someone else. I’ve known for about a year that the owner was open to selling his building, and around May of this year he did just that for around $2M. The new owner apparently has plans for the property that did not include a liquor store … so, Petworth Liquors needed to find a new location to continue their business. But, the decision to sell the property was theirs and theirs alone.

The attempt to relocate to the east side of Georgia was a trigger that many residents found unacceptable. This was not solely because it was 45 feet closer to their homes and in a more residential area, but rather (as voiced by some home owners on Keefer Place) because its current operation at 3210 Georgia — including loitering and public drunkenness — was deemed unacceptable at any location. By protesting the transfer of the license to a new location what was really being protested was Petworth Liquors continued operation in the neighborhood. With the transfer of the license to 3213 Georgia off the table, and the inability to remain at 3210 Georgia, the odds are good that wherever Petworth Liquors ends up moving it most likely will not be in Park View.

But all that said, its impossible to know for sure what Petworth Liquors’ long-term plans currently are. The only thing that can truly be done is watch and listen to see what’s next.

Petworth Liquors Move Appears to be Off

July 11, 2013
Petworth Liquor, currently located at 3210 Georgia.

Petworth Liquor, currently located at 3210 Georgia.

Because the issue of Petworth Liquors proposed move to 3213 Georgia has been of such importance to the community, I wanted to share some news that Commissioner Anthony Cimino shared at last night’s ANC 1A meeting. According to Commissioner Cimino, the agent for Petworth Liquors has notified him that Petworth Liquors will withdraw their application to transfer the liquor license to 3213 Georgia. They do not plan to go forward with the project.

However, at this time nothing has been filed. I will monitor the DC Register and inform the community when the withdrawal of this transfer is official.

As the transfer has not been withdrawn at this time, ANC 1A voted unanimously last night to protest the transfer of the license to 3213 Georgia. This will protect the ANC’s standing with ABRA should the request not be withdrawn.

I have no doubt that Petworth’s decision to cancel this project is a direct response to the community’s speedy organization and solid opposition.

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