Petworth Liquors Moving to 3213 Georgia Avenue, Applies to Expand Hours

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If the June 21, 2013, issue of the DC Register is to be believed, it looks like Petworth Liquors will be moving to the east side of Georgia Avenue into 3213 Georgia Avenue. Since 3213 is the address for the Tibet Shop, I can only take that to mean that Tibet Shop is leaving that location.

I’d started to wonder when Petworth Liquors sold their building at 3210 Georgia if perhaps they’d be moving back to Petworth, but I guess they’ve grown accustomed to their current section of Georgia. In looking over the Notice of Public Hearing, I also see that they’ve listed their hours of operation as:

  • Sunday 11am- 7pm; Monday through Thursday 9am-10pm and Friday & Saturday 9am-12am

These hours of operation would be a significant expansion of their current hours, which are Monday-Thursday until 9 p.m., Friday & Saturday until 10 p.m., and no Sunday hours. I’m checking with ABRA to see if Petworth Liquors’ existing Settlement Agreement would transfer to the new location as well (which I would presume to be the case), which would mean that their Settlement Agreement would need to be amended befor the expanded hours of operation could be implemented.

I’d appreciate any feedback residents have about this business, particularly with their interest to expand their hours of operation.

Petworth Liquor, located at 3210 Georgia.

Petworth Liquor, located at 3210 Georgia.

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39 Comments on “Petworth Liquors Moving to 3213 Georgia Avenue, Applies to Expand Hours”

  1. Cliff Says:

    Does that mean that little area of Georgia Avenue would have Petworth Liquors, Giant Liquor, and Lions Liquor all concentrated in one area? I think the license should be opposed on those grounds alone. I like having access to a nice liquor store, but that’s just too many for one area.

  2. Angry Parakeet Says:

    I was so looking forward to the redevelopment of that block now that the large residential building construction is complete on the corner of Lamont. But we’ll still have our little bit o’ community…till midnight? Keepin’ Georgia down.

  3. Matt Says:

    Wow. This move is a major blow for those who live on Keefer and Lamont. There’s a whole lot of space right on the corner there for drunks to hang out. Everybody walking south or west from that area of Park View are going to have to walk through the scene they now see across the street every day. As for the expansion of hours, I can’t believe they actually have the nerve to request this given their unpopularity within the community.

    I had hoped that they would move away from Park View. With the pending move to an area with closer proximity to residents and expanded hours, the situation will be worse.

    • Angry Parakeet Says:

      The owners care nothing for our community. All their cars have VA tags. Their customers are also aggressive panhandlers; Mothership patrons will definitely be harassed.
      Also sorry to see the Tibet place move; I didn’t go there often but friends and I all bought items there.

  4. Chelsea Says:

    I was excited when I heard of their possible move earlier in the year; however, this is terrible news. This place is nothing more than a hangout and urinal for loiterers. They are terrible neighbors and expanding their operational hours would be a mistake.

    Kent, if there is any chance of protesting this please let us know.

  5. Chelsea Says:

    Click to access Moratorium_Fact_Sheet.pdf

    There may be something we can do about a moratorium on this type of “licensed establishment.”

  6. GA Dweller Says:

    I agree with everyone else here. A sub-par liquor store in the area — especially close to an actual restaurant like Mothership with outdoor seating — is the last thing we need. If they want to relocate, they should do so elsewhere in an area that actually needs them.

  7. Keefer Says:

    This is awful! Similar to other comments this is a tragic blow for the residents of Keefer and Lamont. That establishment panders to the absolute worst members of society who loiter outside drinking heavily and urinating in public. What can we do to stop this?

  8. Alan Says:

    I believe that the owner of the building at 3213 Georgia Avenue and the Tibet shop is named Palden Gyal and he and his family live in Parkview. If anyone knows them, can you please connect with them and let them know how bad this will be for our and his neighborhood.

  9. Rusty Says:

    Currently, most of the drunks on these blocks of Georgia loiter and drink on the west side of Georgia (outside of Giant Liquor, Murray’s, and Petworth Liquor) . You can easily avoid all of these drunks by walking south on the east side of Georgia. That side of the street is full of trash and a bunch of people loitering, yelling, fighting, urinating in the alleys close by. Can anything be done about the loitering? If not, then I oppose this move and hour extension.

  10. Kenyon Resident Says:

    I’d also add that as a young woman, I am sexually harassed EVERY time I walk by the groups of drunk men that hang out outside the low-end liquor stores on Georgia. I can mostly avoid that by walking on the east side of Georgia, but if this liquor store goes in, I’ll probably just avoid walking on Georgia all together out of concern for my safety. Too bad for Mothership, DC Reynolds, Looking Glass, Fish in the Hood, and all the other nice places that will lose out on my business…

    What can we do to stop this?

  11. Alice Says:

    I already avoid this area because of the amount of creepy cat calling and harrassment that you have to put up with. They can have later hours when they show that they are dealing with the problem – a bar would never get away with this sort of activity happening right outside their door.

  12. mbk Says:

    Kent is there a chance we could initiate a moratorium on liquor stores? Or a ban on singles on all new stores? Loitering is a major problem. Just yesterday I saw a bunch of guys loitering outside the Gees Market right in front of their ABRA required “No Loitering” sign. We really need more tools as a community to address these issues! This is the last thing GA ave needs more of.

  13. Chris Says:

    This is terrible news. I was very excited when I read that Petworth Liquors would be moving, given it would break up the mess that hangs around the store.

    This will also have an impact on residents of Kenyon St, given the drunks undoubtably hang back in the cut around the corner (the alley) pissing, drinking, smoking, and whatever else. I have on several occasions found hypodermic needles in my parking pad behind the house, used rubbers, and empty Velicoff Vodka bottles. Not to mention items getting stolen from the back of my house, secured or not.

    Good luck to Mothership, no one is going to want to eat outside with that crowd across the street.

    Sure is a shame, there are so many empty store fronts on Georgia Ave.

  14. PkView Says:

    I concur with all above.

    My pet peeve is that Kent often tosses out this sort of news, but then we rarely get an update on the blog as to what (exactly) he’s proposing to do. Or, what actions we residents should undertake. Who should we write? By what deadline?

    I’d welcome some feedback on what strategy to pursue to derail this proposal. Instead I fear the next blog post will be back to some 1920’s photograph of Park View! Park View has some serious issues with drunkenness and loitering but I don’t see an active strategy for shutting down the businesses that promote it.

    • Kent Says:

      Sorry about providing less follow up than preferred, I’ll address some of that below and later this week. Thanks for alerting me of the need.

  15. Mike Says:

    With the crowd… I read Kent’s previous statement, I was excited to see Petworth Liquors long away from our blocks, but now its just more distressing.

    I’m down for doing whatever is possible for opposing this terrible move.

  16. Kent Says:

    After reading the comments, here’s what I know and were things stand. Friday was the first I was aware that Petworth Liquors was intending to move across the street rather than move further away. I posted the announcement because I needed the community to be aware of the development and weigh in. Clearly, ANC 1A will need to consider action in July since it does not meet in August.

    The expanded hours of operation on the notice is not a given and can be prevented. Their Settlement Agreement restricts their hours of operation and they can not expand those hours without an amendment to the Settlement Agreement. Based on the comments here, I do not think expanding the hours of operation would be good.

    Now, as to whether or not the move can be opposed, I have confirmed that, just like any other ABRA license, it can be opposed. Where I am unclear is what the outcome of that opposition would be. For instance, generally when an ABRA license is opposed, the outcome is a Settlement Agreement (which they already have) or a Board Order.

    I intend to follow up on this after I learn more about this business’s history. Stay tuned.

    • KeeferisKing Says: for doing this follow-up kent. I also like your history posts, so please don’t stop those.

      As a resident of Kiefer Place, i an willing to do whatever I can to help block this move and really appreciate you looking into our options.

    • K Says:

      Thanks Kent, please keep us informed on what action can be taken.

      I agree that Petworth Liquors is nothing but a nuisance and breeds a very unhealthy environment. I hope this is an opportunity to address this problem on GA. It is often dangerous walking past on the sidewalk (I’ve had bottles thrown at me in 2 separate occasions).

      There is also a growing problem at Murry’s and they don’t even sell liquor (though everyone sits in the open and drinks out of styrofoam cups). Even though DC lacks a anti-loitering law, this issue really needs to be addressed! It would be helpful if MPD made a targeted effort with more foot patrols and less parked vehicles and apathy.

  17. dbc Says:

    Let me echo the consensus that this is horrible news for the neighborhood. At least the current state provides some relief for innocent bystanders by allowing us to bypass the drunks by simply walking on the other side of Georgia. Now we will have to run the gauntlet on both sides. Ugh. Horrible horrible horrible.

    I know in some parts of the city there are bans on sales of single containers of alcohol (which is then cleverly avoided by taping two cans of beer together). Not sure there is much any VA can do so long as the proprietors are determined to serve the slice of the market that tends to engage in all of the sordid behavior noted above.

    Let me also add that along with the owners, a lot of blame should be leveled at MPD. They CHOOSE not to enforce laws that could curtail most of the bad behavior. I don’t buy the argument that they have more important things to do–stopping the public drinking, loitering, cat-calling, and general be-fouling of the public streets should be a priority for them. Sadly it’s not.

  18. Mike Says:

    Perhaps a better tactic than working with MPD (whose substation is a block away from Murrays and do not seemed too concerned with Georgia Avenue) would be to garner the support of other local businesses in the area. I know for a fact that Romeo, who is the long time proprietor of Morgan’s is constantly having to throw drunks off his property. My guess would be that Mothership and Equity Management (who is managing the new building next door) wont be to happy either and would love to do what they can to get the casual loitering and intoxication away from their properties.

    • PkView Says:

      Great idea. Perhaps some of the business owners (especially the developers) would have some sway with Graham.

    • K Says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, it might have to be that way.

      Murrays is in a no man’s zone between the 4D and 3D. Really sad how they realigned where 4D cruisers constantly move up and down the 700 block of Morton but don’t have a concern of the daily drug dealings stemming from the every growing posse of 20+ out front.

      Another question, are there any opportunities to revisit the recent MPD district realignment (about a year ago) which seems idiotic to have a sub station that doesn’t service a block over? 3D’s Lt. Kitshner is responsive but having their station down at 16th and U usually takes a much longer response time for Morton, Lamont, Kenyon in which the criminal is long gone.

  19. Aaron Says:

    I am a resident in an eleven unit condo building on Lamont St. After speaking to the residents in my building I feel we all would be willing to participate in any actions that Kent decides would benefit the community.

  20. Keefer Says:

    Sounds like we have plenty of resident willingness to mobilize on this issue and do what we need to do to ensure that our streets remain safe and that businesses that harm our social fabric find it tough to do business. Kent please keep us abreast of any new developments and anything else we can do to ensure we have a fair say in this matter.

    • keefer resident Says:

      I agree with all of the above. The move would have a huge impact on Keefer Place, and I would be happy to try to make this not happen. What is the next step?

  21. K Resident Says:

    I ran into Bobby Holmes, the ANC representative for 1A09, a few days after the posting of this news. I expressed my concerns (and the concerns of our neighbors who have commented on this thread) and he mentioned that he knew about the move from Petworth Liquors to the Tibet Shop. He also mentioned that he recommended options to Petworth Liquors to move to either into the iHip Hop (which PL could not afford) and to Tibet Shop (where the owner agreed because he is losing money on the shop).

    After he mentioned this, I told him that we cannot allow this to happen. I further told him that they have never been good neighbors and the loitering/vagrancy allowed is not only inconsiderate but also dangerous. He genuinely seemed concerned and said he would do something about it; however, I saw the liquor license on the Tibet Shop (coupled with his help to keep them in the area) and I am now unsure of his commitment.

    In the meantime, I have been taking pictures (everyday) of the activity outside of PL and intend to keep a record. We could all do this and have a robust archive that can come in handy later on.

    Further, I also believe that Tibet Shop falls within Anthony Cimino’s ANC and he should be notified (if he hasn’t already) to also help us with any representation against the move.

    As for now, I am waiting for Kent to provide us with details about our options to disallow the move or at least become such a nuisance that PL reconsiders its options.

    Kent, when could we expect some information?

    Thanks for your hard work and your enthusiasm for a better community.

  22. […] confirmed that they will be closing their store at 3213 Georgia Avenue. Last week I reported that Petworth Liquors has applied to transfer their ABRA license to this location (I’ll be following up on where things stand with Petworth Liquors on […]

  23. Keefer resident Says:

    Hi all,
    This morning ANC commissioner Bobby Holmes sent out the following survey. Please take the time (about 20 seconds) to complete it; it’s a great start to getting our voices heard. And please share with your neighbors!

    Kent, if you would be willing, it would be fantastic if you could share the survey link in a new post.


    • Chris Davis Says:

      Keefer: Thanks for the link!

      If anyone has Anthony Cimino’s contact information, we should encourage him to get active on this issue as well!

  24. keefer resident Says:

    Anthony Cimino can be messaged through Facebook

  25. […] As news of Petworth Liquors desire to transfer their license from 3210 to 3213 Georgia Avenue has trickled through the neighborhood, there has been an overwhelming reaction in opposition to this move. So, I thought I’d updated everyone on where things stand on this issue since my post on June 24th. […]

  26. […] been able to confirm with ABRA that Petworth Liquors officially withdrew their application to transfer their liquor license to the location of the Tibet Shop. As of July 11th, ABRA ceased processing the application to […]

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  28. […] their license and store across Georgia Avenue in 2013 to the east side of the street, there was significant opposition to that effort, leading the business owner to withdraw their application and stay at 3210 Georgia […]

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