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New Speed Camera on Irving Street

May 26, 2016

Irving speed camera(Image from Park View Beautification Crew Facebook page.)

Yesterday it was noted on the Park View Beautification Crew Facebook page that a new speed camera has been located on Irving Street halfway between Georgia Avenue and Warder Street. While the new location hasn’t been added yet, in general you can check out MPD’s Speed Camera Location page to see where camera’s are deployed throughout the city. Of equal interest, you can also contact MPD to recommend a photo radar location.

Temporary All Stop at Rock Creek Church Rd and 5th/Park Place

April 6, 2010

Intersection of Rock Creek Church and 5th/Park Place, looking toward the northeast

Yesterday evening it was brought to my attention that the traffic lights at the intersection of Rock Creek Church Rd (RCCR) and 5th/Park Place were operating in a manner where they were blinking red indicating that the intersection was a four-way stop.

At first I was excited since this idea was suggested to DDOT last year as a possible low-cost measure that could help ease the speeding along RCCR. My enthusiasm was short lived, however, as the lights were repaired later in the evening.

Aftermath of a crash on Rock Creek Church Road around midnight, April 2/3

The speed issue is particularly bad in this area, with an accident around midnight on April 2/3 near the 400 block of RCCR being merely the latest result of reckless driving.

While watching the traffic last night during the temporary four-way stop, it was clear many folks weren’t quite sure how to navigate such a situation. There were a lot of rolling stops, some cars that just drove right through, and others sat a while until they felt confident enough to move forward.

What I do know is that there was far less speeding and noise. No one was racing to beat the light as has been common practice. Based on my observations, the all way stop definitely improved the traffic problem while it lasted.

Drivers navigating the unexpected four-way stop


Speed Monitored on Park Place … Again

March 18, 2010

Speed has been a constant problem on Park Place

Once again, speed is being monitored along Park Place. This time the indicator is at the intersection with Otis Place.

There have  been several occasions this past year where this issue has been studied, and I can only hope that statistics are being kept and that data will eventually be used to find a permanent solution.

As you can see from the photo I took earlier this week, vehicles often travel more than ten miles over the speed limit. What I find disturbing is that I didn’t have to wait too long to see someone speeding, nor was it an isolated incident. In the matter of a few minutes there were several drivers that hit 30+ mph.


Speed Monitored on Warder

January 12, 2010

Drivers may have noticed yesterday that there was a speed monitor at the corner of Warder Street and Otis Place.

I didn’t see too many drivers pushing the speed limit yesterday morning, and with a stop light at that corner I wonder how often speeding is an issue. That said, I know it is a problem as I witnessed an SUV at the corner of Warder and Rock Creek Church Rd yesterday (an intersection with a stop sign) step on the gas after their stop and haul it up  7th Street.

Rock Creek Church Rd. Neighbors Focus on Speed

October 21, 2009

The neighbors along Rock Creek Church Road have been working diligently with MPD, DDOT, and elected officials over the last several months to address the excessive speed on Rock Creek Church Road. The City, and in particular MPD, has been very supportive and have been monitoring the traffic and speed conditions by various methods.

To further the goal of getting measures in place to reduce speed on RCCR, Ward 4 resident Rob Mandle, along with neighbors Mehl Penrose & Eddie Suarez, has put together a petition which outlines what actions the community would like to see put in place. Upon reviewing the proposal, they all seem very reasonable and have potential for making a huge impact with minimal cost to the City.

The chief traffic calming measures the petition lists are:

  • Install one stop sign on the northeastern approach towards Illinois Avenue NW on Rock Creek Church Road NW
  • Install one stop sign on the southwestern approach towards Illinois Avenue NW on Rock Creek Church Road NW
  • Convert the intersection of Quincy Street and Park Place/5th Street NW to an all-way stop
  • Alter the signal timing at Park Place/5th Street and Rock Creek Church Road NW to be an all-way stop

The deadline to sign the petition is Tuesday, October 27, at 6 pm. To sign a petition, there is a copy at Rob’s house (303 Rock Creek Church Road NW), or, you can print of a copy of the petition and get it to Rob by the deadline. If you have questions, you can also email Rob Mandle.

To read the entire petition or get more information, click on the image below (petition and image supplied by Rob Mandle).
 RCCR Speeding Issue


Speed Enforcement Status Update

September 30, 2009

The Photo Radar unit is back on Park Place, monitoring for speed. Lieutenant Timberlake of MPD reports that there have been hundreds of violations captured since its redeployment in the block.

Monday, MPD’s Traffic control unit installed a video camera at the corner of Quincy and 5th to monitor the red light at Rock Creek Church Road and 5th.

Additionally, Lieut. Timberlake has asked DDOT to either install an east to west traffic light at the intersection of 5th and Quincy or to make it a four way stop sign intersection. Lieut. Timberlake is also working with other agencies to improve the safety of this area and will continue to send updates to report progress.

Speeding has Become Focus for MPD in Area

September 23, 2009

Speed monitor on Park PlaceSpeeding on Rock Creek Church Road and Park Place has become a focus of MPD lately in response to repeated complaints by residents along these roads. While it’s a complex situation due to the multiple police districts and Wards these roads are in, residents from both Petworth and Park View have been coordinating and working together successfully so far.

The latest sign that area voices are being heard is the speed monitor posted on Park Place at Princeton Place. The speed monitor is gathering data in a short term study which will be used to help find a long term solution.

Additionally, a photo radar speed car has been deployed to Park Place and will be on varying tours. There is also an analysis of the 3800 block of 5th Street underway.

I’ll keep track of this issue as it develops.

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