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Back in 1911, Surveyor Proposed Widening Spring Road.

August 7, 2017

In looking through old newspaper articles, I found the following from the Evening Star (Oct. 28, 1911) of interest. The article discusses the recommendation to extend Spring Rd east of Rock Creek Church Rd to New Hampshire and Georgia as well as widening the road from 40 ft. to 90 ft.

The detail from the 1907 Baist’s real estate atlas of surveys of Washington shows where Spring Road’s eastern termination was at that time, so it shows that the extension was successfully completed.

DC Trivia Night at Union Drinkery on Thursday, 8 pm

June 7, 2017

Here’s a fun event on Thursday that Georgia Avenue Thrive brought to my attention — DC trivia night here in Park View! See the Facebook page or announcement below:

Show your knowledge of DC at a DC Trivia Night at Union Drinkery on Thursday starting at 8pm. The folks from Neighbors United for DC Statehood are hosting a fun night about all things DC, including fascinating tidbits about DC voters disenfranchisement.

Josh Burch, from Neighbors United, is the MC and will share the “behind the scenes” DC stories in addition to asking pithy questions and providing the even cleverer answers. Brianna Nadeau, our very own Ward 1 council member, will be co-MCing, as well as the DC Attorney General. And yes, there will be a winner, and yes, there is a prize!

Don’t forget there is Small Fry & SunDeVich next door – same owners, so you can bring the food – makes for a great dinner & trivia outing for a Thursday night!

Have a good week and hope to see you at DC Trivia Night on Thursday!

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