Thriving 3600 Block of Georgia Avenue Needs More Bike Racks

Bike racks near DC Reynolds and Looking Glass Lounge continue to be in high demand.

Bike racks near DC Reynolds and Looking Glass Lounge continue to be in high demand.

It seems like only yesterday that I was working with DDOT to bring more bike racks to the 3600 block of Georgia Avenue, but in reviewing my notes it was actually in December 2011 that this need was last addressed with additional racks installed in June 2012. Here we are nearly a year later and despite the additional racks installed last year the area near DC Reynolds and Looking Glass Lounge still doesn’t have adequate capacity for those who choose to bike to the area.

In contacting DDOT on behalf of the businesses, I’ve learned that there is a possibility that additional bike racks could be available as early as mid-June. So, I’ll be meeting with a representative of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, who is the bike rack contractor for DDOT, to walk the block next week and evaluate how many additional bike racks can be added and where.

For those who have traveled to the area frequently by bike, I’d be interested in hearing your experiences with the bike racks there. How often have you had to lock your bike to something other than the racks and, ideally, how many more racks do you think would be adequate for the volume?

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13 Comments on “Thriving 3600 Block of Georgia Avenue Needs More Bike Racks”

  1. Justin Says:

    The existing racks are almost always full or close to it between 5:00 and late night when the weather is okay. I think you could add, say, 50% more racks and get good use out of them.

  2. OrderedChaos Says:

    What we *really* need is another Capital Bikeshare rack near the Petworth metro — the one in front of the old fire station is always empty by 8am (it has only 15 bikes). Need more bikes near such a major rail/bus transportation node.

    But additional racks along Georgia would be good too — I agree with Justin above, a 50% increase would likely cover it.

  3. Lisa Galiber Says:

    My house is in the 600 block of Irving so no bike necessary, but I wanted to thank you for addressing this issue!

    • Angry Parakeet Says:

      My house is in the 600 block of Irving and I used to bike ride there to the (now gone) Yoga House twice a week. Who really wants to walk on Georgia?

  4. Aaron on Luray Says:

    I agree with Justin and OrderedChaos, about 50% more bike parking would be good, although if any new places open up, there will be even more need. Also, additional Cap. Bikeshare on Georgia near the metro would be great.

  5. Justin J. Says:

    We need significantly more bike racks in that block. Perhaps we need to even consider taking a parking spot and converting it to more bike racks, a la 11th & Park.

  6. mbk Says:

    I have always wondered about the bike racks outside of the senior center on GA ave. There was a sign that clearly stated they are the property of the center. Does that mean they they aren’t available for the general public? I like what the city did outside of Meridian pint on 11th, took away 1 or 2 spaces of parking and installed bike racks. That could be a possibility outside of looking glass perhaps.

  7. Steve Davis Says:

    Yes! A bike corral on this street would be a great idea, provided that the business owners on the block would support room for 10-15 more bikes instead of one car space. Though I’m not sure if they can be placed on GA since it’s a snow emergency route and the bollards might be a problem for that, but that’s the kind of big thinking that we need. These racks are full every evening and you could double the space and they’d probably fill up again.

  8. Kumar Says:

    I’ve noticed a few times there is no bike rack in front of Lion’s Liquors. I’ve had to lock my bike to the tree, which is not ideal for the tree.

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