More Bike Racks Added to Georgia Avenue

Newly installed bike racks on the 3600 block of Georgia Avenue.

Newly installed bike racks on the 3600 block of Georgia Avenue.

Back in May, in response to a Tweet from DC Reynolds, I asked the community if they thought we needed more bike racks on Georgia Avenue, especially near Looking Glass Lounge and DC Reynolds. The resounding answer was YES! The possible placement of new bike racks was quickly planned out in June.

I’m happy to report that yesterday, the west side of the 3600 block of Georgia Avenue got 4 more bike racks. Two of the new racks are in the immediate vicinity of DC Reynolds and Looking Glass Lounge. The other two are more in front of Lion’s Fine Wines and Spirits.

The only down side is that this is the maximum number of racks that this section of Georgia can accommodate based on the underlying infrastructure. Yet, readers also mentioned a desire for a bike corral in this area and, honestly, I love that idea. The process is a lot more involved which means it isn’t a quick fix, but based on the need for more bike parking in this area it is definitely something I think is worth fighting for.

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