Update on Final Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets Work

Bike racks outside of the Looking Glass Lounge on a typical evening

Back in December 2011, as the Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets project was nearing its end, I met with DDOT to discuss placement of bike racks between Otis Place and Rock Creek Church Road. The outcome of that meeting included the agreement that four bike racks would be installed outside of 3628 Georgia Avenue (DC Reynolds) in addition to the four racks outside of the Looking Glass Lounge/Blue Banana. Anyone that has been along this stretch of Georgia recently will clearly see that the additional racks have not yet been installed.

In following up with DDOT in April I learned that there had been a minor plan/contract error which resulted (among other things) in fewer bike racks fabricated for the Middle Georgia Avenue project than were shown on the plans.  By May, DDOT was moving forward with processing the change order for the remaining project work at the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro Plaza.

I’m happy to report that everything is now in place for work to resume again as early as Monday June 25th on the remaining work .  This will include, among other items, the bike racks, a  trash can outside of Lion’s Fine Wines, and Metro Plaza work.

The sidewalk outside of DC Reynolds has been marked and ready for bike racks since December 2011


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2 Comments on “Update on Final Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets Work”

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