Follow Up on More Bike Racks for Georgia Avenue

Possible new bike rack sites have already been marked for evaluation.

Possible new bike rack sites on the 3600 b/o Georgia have already been marked for evaluation.

Last week I posted about the need for more bike racks on the 3600 block of Georgia Avenue, especially in the area near DC Reynolds and Looking Glass Lounge. Since then, I have met with the Washington Area Bicyclist Association’s liaison with DDOT and the owner of DC Reynolds to review the biking needs of the street. As anyone who visits the area now will see, possible new bike rack locations have already been painted on the pavers indicating where new bike racks might go.

The plan as it currently stands is to install 4 more bike racks for the time being. Because the particular type of installation for the pavers requires large holes to be drilled about 12-18 inches deep, all locations need to be cleared through Miss Utility, which has already been contacted.

In terms of rack installation time, once the locations clear Miss Utility, installation of the racks will be scheduled with DDOT. Installation of the additional 4 racks should be no more than a month.

Once these are installed, this stretch of sidewalk will be at capacity for bike racks. I have also asked DDOT about bike corrals since I know that demand for bike parking will only increase in this area. Bike corrals are going to take much longer to figure out however … and I’m not yet sure whether or not Georgia Avenue being a U.S. highway will be an obstacle or not. Still, should a bike corral be approved, I think the most promising location would be the northern-most parking space(s) on the west side of Georgia just south of Princeton Place.

I’ll provide more details as they become known. I’m grateful to those who commented on last week’s post as they were helpful during Tuesday meeting.

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  1. […] Back in May, in response to a Tweet from DC Reynolds, I asked the community if they thought we needed more bike racks on Georgia Avenue, especially near Looking Glass Lounge and DC Reynolds. The resounding answer was YES! The possible placement of new bike racks was quickly planned out in June. […]

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