Latest Scuttlebutt — Petworth Liquors Seeking New Location

Petworth Liquor, located at 3910 Georgia.

Petworth Liquor, located at 3210 Georgia.

I’ve been hearing scuttlebutt lately that Petworth Liquors is looking to relocate to a new location. This seems to be in response to the recent sale of the property where they are located, or so I’ve been told. This will not be the first time that Petworth Liquors has sought a new location. Prior to being located at 3210 Georgia, Petworth Liquor was located on Georgia Avenue just north of its intersection with New Hampshire. The photo below dates to ca. 1993, and shows both Petworth Liquor and old Engine No. 24 before they were displaced by construction of the Georgia Avenue Metro station.

Prior to locating at 3910 Georgia, Petworth Liquors was located just north of the Georgia/New Hamphire Ave. intersection.

Prior to locating at 3210 Georgia, Petworth Liquors was located just north of the Georgia/New Hamphire Ave. intersection.

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5 Comments on “Latest Scuttlebutt — Petworth Liquors Seeking New Location”

  1. Cliff Says:

    Perhaps they will move to Pertworth???

  2. K Says:

    Please please please. Though it might take the new owners months to rid the space of the soaked in urine stench

  3. Mike Says:

    That would make many of us happy- including Romeo from Morgan’s whose been chasing vagrants away from there forever

  4. saf10th Says:

    When I first moved here in 1990, they were still at GA and NH. They were a much nicer store then.

    I have a set of advertising glasses from this store that I found in an antique store in Manassas years ago. Don’t know how old the glasses are, but this has always made me wonder how longer they have been around.

  5. […] started to wonder when Petworth Liquors sold their building at 3210 Georgia if perhaps they’d be moving back to Petworth, but I guess they’ve grown accustomed to […]

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