Temporary All Stop at Rock Creek Church Rd and 5th/Park Place

Intersection of Rock Creek Church and 5th/Park Place, looking toward the northeast

Yesterday evening it was brought to my attention that the traffic lights at the intersection of Rock Creek Church Rd (RCCR) and 5th/Park Place were operating in a manner where they were blinking red indicating that the intersection was a four-way stop.

At first I was excited since this idea was suggested to DDOT last year as a possible low-cost measure that could help ease the speeding along RCCR. My enthusiasm was short lived, however, as the lights were repaired later in the evening.

Aftermath of a crash on Rock Creek Church Road around midnight, April 2/3

The speed issue is particularly bad in this area, with an accident around midnight on April 2/3 near the 400 block of RCCR being merely the latest result of reckless driving.

While watching the traffic last night during the temporary four-way stop, it was clear many folks weren’t quite sure how to navigate such a situation. There were a lot of rolling stops, some cars that just drove right through, and others sat a while until they felt confident enough to move forward.

What I do know is that there was far less speeding and noise. No one was racing to beat the light as has been common practice. Based on my observations, the all way stop definitely improved the traffic problem while it lasted.

Drivers navigating the unexpected four-way stop


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2 Comments on “Temporary All Stop at Rock Creek Church Rd and 5th/Park Place”

  1. RobMandle Says:

    I noticed this too. It was a MUCH more effective approach to this intersection and the reason why I proposed the scenario to DDOT. Maybe a good time to revisit.

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