Redevelopment of 619 Newton Place in Full Swing

It’s been a while since I visited 619 Newton Place, NW, to see how this former blighted property is coming along. It’s taken a while to get this property moving. In April 2013 it was finally fenced off indicating that construction was on the horizon. However, permits for the current development were not issued until October and December of 2013.

According to the permits, the property is in the process of being converted from a single family dwelling into a two-unit flat with a third floor addition and deck addition at the rear. I think its interesting that they decided to incorporate the original facade into the new design rather than apply for a raze permit. I’ll definitely be watching this one to see how it turns out.

619 Newton Place(Current state of 619 Newton Place, NW)

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3 Comments on “Redevelopment of 619 Newton Place in Full Swing”

  1. Peaches Says:

    Amazing – in a city full of beautiful facades decimated by oblivious development, why this mediocre one is saved is beyond me!

  2. Abim Says:

    The ultimate public good is that a once blighted property is on its way to being made habitable!

    The fact of the matter is that at the end of the day, what will be constructed will be code compliant and an infinitely vast improvement on what is being replaced.

    Such speculative opinion such as the “Kent,s” calls into question the actual motive of such an irrelevant post

  3. […] When it finally looked like it would be developed a year and a half ago, progress was slow. After much of the building was demolished, a Stop Work Order was issued on March 26, 2014, leaving nothing but the front facade on […]

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