DC Water’s Green Infrastruction Project at Irving Street Progressing Well

Bioretention Locations

In reviewing the work DC Water is doing in the area bordered by Kenyon Street, Irving Street, Park Place, and Michigan Avenue, it looks like a fair amount of progress has been made. As posted earlier, the work began on November 25th and will continue through the end of April 2014, weather permitting.

The project is part of DC Water’s Clean Rivers Project, a 13 mile system of tunnels and diversion sewers throughout D.C. that will help mitigate flooding. The bioretention cells at Irving are part of DC Water’s medium-term flood mitigation efforts in the Bloomingdale neighborhood.  The photos below show the scope of the project.

Bioretention project(View of DC Water’s bioretention project from the Michigan Avenue overpass, looking north.)

Bioretention pit(View of bioretention pit at Irving and Park Place.)

Bioretention pit(Work on the bioretention cell at Wangari Gardens.)

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2 Comments on “DC Water’s Green Infrastruction Project at Irving Street Progressing Well”

  1. andy Says:

    Are the Wangari Gardens folks going to have problems dealing with this? I was past there the other day and it seems like it could have some effects on their operations.

  2. […] flood mitigation efforts DC Water has undertaken to reduce stormwater runoff. I’ve been keenly interested in these area and stopped by on Sunday to take a look at the progress. I’m happy to report […]

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