Morton Street Church to be Developed for More Area Housing

The news in the Park View community continues to be more housing. Yesterday, Urban Turf reported that the small church located at 777 Morton Street, NW, will be developed — along with the large parking lot to the west of it — into a new three-building, 26-unit condo project scheduled for completion by the end of 2014. Urban Turf continues:

One building with six brownstones will sit along Sherman Avenue, and the other building will sit on Morton Street. The church will be renovated into 10 two-level condos. Together the buildings will be called the Morton Street Mews, named for two alleyways the developer plans to create between the buildings (one for cars, one for walking).

777 Morton(The former Iglesia Ni Christo church at 777 Morton Street, NW)

The project is designed to be by-right, land development could start as early as June and completed by the end of 2014. The units will range from one-bedrooms plus dens to two-bedrooms plus dens.

In looking at the elevations on the Urban Turf site, the project looks like it will be an attractive addition to the neighborhood.

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3 Comments on “Morton Street Church to be Developed for More Area Housing”

  1. […] the beginning of February, we learned that the small church at 777 Morton Street, NW, has been sold to a developer and is […]

  2. Zaptastic Says:

    Rev. Logan Johnson of African Methodist Episcopal (“A.M.E.”) purchased a site (Square 2894, Lot 805) – today located at 777 Morton Street- and planned for the erection of a permanent church building. The cornerstone of Trinity A.M.E. Zion Church was laid on December 10, 1905, and upon completion of the new brick church, the congregation held a week long dedication ceremony beginning on May 27, 1906.

    In 1945, the Trinity congregation moved to the larger church building at 625 Park Road, NW, where they remained until 1983.

    Deacon Henry Pogue of the Carolina Baptist Church informed the members of a vacant church building at 777 Morton Street, N.W. Ada Blue encouraged the church to consider purchasing this building, to which they agreed. Deacon Pogue, Deacon Johnnie Pringle, Sr., and Pastor Sligh made the purchase and the church moved there in January 1952.”

    In 1968 the Carolina Baptist Church had it remodeled.

    In December 1998, the Carolina Baptist Church entered into a contract with the Iglesia Ni Cristo Church of Christ who offered to purchase the church for $505,000.

    In 2012 a member of Yelp! described the church as beautiful inside and out.

    The tax records show that the Iglesia Ni Cristo Church of Christ flipped it selling for $4,550,000 (redecoration date 01/02/2014).

  3. […] I like the direction it is going. Readers may recall that when news of this development was shared in February 2014, the vision included reconfiguring the modest church structure into 10 two-level condos. A drawing […]

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