The Sweet Mango Property Finally Headed for Re-development

Four years after the neighborhood first learned of re-development plans for the former Sweet Mango property at 3701 New Hampshire Ave, NW, it seems those plans may finally be moving forward. Last week security fencing went up around the property. Based on a conversation with the developer a couple months ago, I initially thought this indicated that the structures would be raised and that the lot would be vacant pending a decision to move forward.

However, in connecting with the development team, I’ve learned that the current plan is to raze the buildings and then begin construction of the new building following the completion of the demolition. The development team is currently working with ANC4C and DCRA to get approved building permits.

Once construction begins, the schedule for completion of the new building will be 14 months.

Below is the rendering from 2015 on what the new building would look like.

Proposed 21-unit building at 3701 New Hampshire Ave, NW, from 2015

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5 Comments on “The Sweet Mango Property Finally Headed for Re-development”

  1. local local Says:

    fantastic; will be a great development for that corner. Looking forward to the improvements.

  2. Amy Smith Says:

    Let’s hope that the handsome roof eave will not be eliminated in the interest of greater profits the way it was on the Gibson (Kenyon & GA)

  3. TKH Says:

    I’d very much like to see the CVS across the street redeveloped into a building with housing on top and a new improve CVS on the bottom. Such a waste of a prime parcel of land. And this CVS is a disaster in current form.

  4. Jose Vicar Says:

    I’ll miss the mural and wish there was a way to preserve it or recreate a cultural dc icon.

    Sadly since the drunks moved from the church by the metro they’ve been congregating at this part of the block – started before the fence went up and they’re further in the sidewalk now due to the fence. They just dink though – other than shouting they don’t seem to be causing problems. The craps games against the church are more of an issue (but seemed to have quieted down lately too).

    • TT Says:

      I get that people may like the mural, but to claim its historic or cant be replaced is ridiculous. Id be all for finding a way to honor Brown or commission a new mural, but the “anti-developer” crowd seems to be using it for their own political purposes.

      Agree with the drunks and druggies. Too bad MPD refuses to do anything. No wonder they never leave.

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