Streetcar Meetings Scheduled for Next Week

The final round of meetings for the first phase of the North-South Corridor Planning Study are scheduled to begin next week (see flyer below for locations and times). As I understand it from other meetings I’ve attended, the from the previous meetings is definitely in favor of streetcar service. There is still some question about the alignment in our area. Currently both Sherman and Georgia Avenue are on the table. What will be interesting will be how the DC Council’s recent vote to reduce planned spending through 2021 from $1.4 billion to $730 million may impact the discussion.

Series 3 Streetcar meetings

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One Comment on “Streetcar Meetings Scheduled for Next Week”

  1. Michael Says:

    Thanks for the update, Kent. As a resident of Sherman Avenue, I strongly support your earlier statement that the streetcar is far more appropriate for a commercial strip like Georgia Avenue rather than for a residential street like Sherman Avenue. DDOT bus data shows Georgia Ave has very high demand for transit nearly all day, while Sherman Ave has drastically lower bus demand that occurs during only a few peak hours per day. In addition, the noise and foot traffic associated with a streetcar would actually be a strong positive force for a struggling commercial corridor like Georgia Avenue, versus a major disruption to the residents of Sherman Avenue.

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