Current Plans for Vacant Church Property at 625 Park Road

I know many in the Park View community have been wondering what is going on with the empty church property at 625 Park Road. I’m happy to present some information that will be coming before ANC1A for consideration on June 11th. In short, the plan is to incorporate the existing church into a new  condo project that has as many as 31 units. At least, that is what I come up with when reviewing the set of plans I got from the Board of Zoning Adjustment Web site.

625ParkRoadplans1(Rendering of new development from the south)

Based on the many conversations I’ve had with the property owner, I think there is a lot of merit to the current plan and it has come a long way from the original concept. It balances saving the historic church structure with a development that adds significant housing to the area in a feasible project. I also like that the large residential structure creates a courtyard on the west side (adjacent the the rowhouses), which helps keep the building from overwhelming the neighboring property while providing air and light to the units within.

The design also includes 9 off street parking spaces accessible from the alley. Lastly, by retaining the church structure, which is set back from the street, the property retains a green space which can accommodate a much needed tree. The church also makes a nice break architecturally from the residential row structures to the east  and the higher density structures that may some day be built along commercially zoned Georgia Avenue to the west.


Beyond the details of the actual project, what I like most is that the redevelopment of this site is finally making progress. This development will help enliven the 600 block of Park Road which, in turn, will help turn crime around in the immediate area. Now if we can just get the Park Morton project to the south moving we’ll be in good shape.

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6 Comments on “Current Plans for Vacant Church Property at 625 Park Road”

  1. PM Says:

    it looks great! that block is in desperate need of some transformation!

  2. neb Says:

    exciting!! What is the timeline? Are there windows on the back? how about balconies/outdoor space on the front units? Would be nice to have more eyes on the street opportunities here.

  3. Diane Says:

    Do you know whether any units will be ‘affordable’ and at what level of affordability? The drawings look great.

  4. a.s.c Says:

    What will the church space be used for if left untouched? It would be really wonderful if it was adapted into more housing some how by a creative architect. I think both can be done without sacrificing the beauty of the place. Much better than it potentially being unused.

  5. Joanne Says:

    Looks great! Agree– a really thoughtful design that shows you can have both–maintain some of the neighborhood history and build new things. I hope the more density “we have too many Wardman houses anyway” crowd will take note.

  6. […] on moving the redevelopment of the church property on Park Road along lately. Since the last time I posted about this in June, the Historic Preservation Review Board has considered the landmark nomination (staff report here) […]

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