Brief Notes from Last Night’s 3D Citizens Advisory Council Meeting

Last night, the Police Department’s Third District held their monthly Citizens Advisory Council Meeting at the 3D headquarters on V Street.  The Council’s Chairman, Stanley J. Mayes, facilitated the meeting with the topic being  “Street Violence in the Morton Street Area: How can we work together to make our community Safe?”

News4 was at the meeting and you can read their coverage here and watch their video below.

Morton shooting video

Overall, the meeting’s format was informal, and began with Mayes recognizing ANC 1A09 Commissioner Bobby Holmes. Holmes began by stating that Park Morton is much safer that it once was. He described a time years ago when it was casually referred to as the Valley of Death where no one would walk through the complex — day or night — who didn’t belong there. He also stated that he believes the police are doing their jobs well, and that area residents need to step up and do their part.

Commissioner Boese (1A08) spoke next. He acknowledged that Park Morton is much safer than it was even a few short years ago. With that in mind, he voiced concern that the incident on Morton Street was essentially on the 3D/4D Police border and that that makes it a bigger, cross-border discussion. He added that he has seen an increasing number of empty drug bags and syringes littered around the community and  that the 600 blocks of Newton Street and Park Road are both more active than they have been in the recent past.

Carolyn Matthews, from Quebec Place, spoke next. She spoke about how the city has turn its back on the residents of Park Morton and the other new Communities and that this it wrong. She commended Commander Kishter for all the good work he has done in the area, and how the Third District had done a good job in making the area safer. However, she also noted that the area is starting to see the return of some of the activity that is the problem. She also spoke about how newer residents need to get involved and know the history of the community in which they live.  Lastly, she spoke about the need for more police patrols and police visibility.

Brianne Nadeau asked for more information about how the community/area is divided between two police districts and stated that residents shouldn’t have to know what district they live in, but rather just know that their safety is being addressed by MPD.

Commander Kishter briefly described the history of the police redistricting and stated that it had been agreed to that the redistricting would be reviewed and thought that that review could be soon. He then proceeded to state that while he could not discuss specifics about the shooting on Morton Street, it was not a random crime. MPD believes that the shooter had an intended target, possibly the male victim in this case. In answering a question regarding area arrests, particularly drug related arrests in the area, Kishter said that of those arrested about 80% did not live in the immediate area.

Others in attendance, including Martin Moulton and Ernest Johnson, spoke about victim impact statements and their effectiveness along with stay away orders for people arrested in areas where they don’t reside, the need to engage area youth, and the sense of hopelessness with its impact within the Black community. Moulton specifically asked Nadeau, as a candidate for DC Council, what her thoughts were on solving crime issues — especially when a high school student could drop out and make more money on the street selling drugs than staying in school and working toward a job. Nadeau responded that she knew it wasn’t an easy problem to solve or one that could be solved quickly, but that ultimately she believes education is still the answer and that we need to find a way to reach kids and train them for jobs or higher education.

The meeting ended after a lengthy discussion but without any resolution or action plan.

The next scheduled police meeting at the 4th District Substation, 750 Park Road, will be on June 18th beginning at 7 p.m.

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4 Comments on “Brief Notes from Last Night’s 3D Citizens Advisory Council Meeting”

  1. cliff Says:

    Did anyone tell news 4 that patk morton is not in petworth?

    • Kent Says:

      That never came up at the meeting. I’ve seen the error in the early reports corrected in later reports in several instances.

  2. park view resident Says:

    Regarding Nadeau’s response to solving the problem, what we need to do is instill hope in these kids. I know what it is to be a poor inner city kid with not much to look forward to. Luckily,I had strict parents who emphasized work and education as a means to get ahead. Unfortunately,a lot of these kids don’t have that, but through city sponsored mentoring and college access programs, these kids can be exposed to “the other side”; the side that seems out of reach. The side that will put them in a better place. I hope Nadeau knows that and makes that a part of her plan. As of now, I still do not have much confidence in her.

  3. Ed Dixon Says:

    It seems like the police noted the 80% of drug arrests were from out of the “neighborhood.” Is there a way to leverage that information to reduce neighborhood risk to violence?

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