Police Redistricting Set for January 1st Implementation

Detail of the new Third District showing a smaller PSA 302

At the beginning of summer 2011 we learned that Washington’s 7 Police Districts were going to change. During the series of community meetings throughout the city Chief Lanier unveiled the new maps. In the Park View and Columbia Heights neighborhoods, we learned that everything north of Park Road/Monroe Street would move to the Fourth District and form a new Police Service Area (PSA).

Since summer, this issue has been largely silent and I’m willing to bet that most residents have forgotten about it — until now.

Based on the presentations by Chief Lanier earlier this year and conversations with Assistant Chief Groomes and Fourth District Commander Missouri, the new Fourth District will expand south to include the south side of Park Road to Sherman Avenue, and then Monroe Street west to 16th Street on January 1, 2012. The Substation at 750 Park Road will move to the Fourth District as well.

Most of the Third District officers currently policing the area will remain, although there will be a few reassignments. This is to capitalize on the strengths of the officers already patrolling the area.

Lastly, and something that I liked hearing, officers from the Fourth District have already begun to “unofficially” patrol their new Fourth District area. This is allowing them to get familiar with the community and the crime issues that currently exist.

You can see the new PSA 409 below, which is the area being transferred to the Fourth District. You can also access the realignment maps for all seven police districts here.

Soon to be PSA 409, formerly the northern half of PSA 302


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2 Comments on “Police Redistricting Set for January 1st Implementation”

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