Preview of Development Proposed for Georgia and Otis Place

Rendering of the proposed “V” from the southwest

There has been scuttlebutt about development coming to the vacant lot on the southeast corner of Otis Place and Georgia Avenue since the end of July. Now I have some details of the proposed development headed for that property, referred to as “The V”. The building as proposed is  is a six (6) story mixed-use project that consists of ground floor retail and twenty (20) dwelling units above.

The proposed retail space would contain approximately 2,138 square feet and would be appropriate for a café. The Otis Place side of the property could also support 530 square feet of outdoor seating should a future tenant apply for a public space permit.

The residential units would consist of ten (10) one-bedroom and ten (10) two-bedroom units. The exact number that will be dedicated for affordable housing is not known, but the developer has indicated it would be more than the city required minimum.

Representatives of the project have been invited to make a presentation to the community at the November 14th ANC 1A meeting. All residents interested in the development are encouraged to attend the meeting.

The proposed “V” at Georgia and Otis


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18 Comments on “Preview of Development Proposed for Georgia and Otis Place”

  1. Frank Says:

    The white right side of the building is ugly.

  2. Chris Says:

    @Frank: Really? You’re going to complain about that? The stucco?

    Bring this building on! So much nicer than any vacant lot. Mixed use so it brings more life to the street!

  3. Chris Says:

    Is this a “by right” development or does it have to go through zoning review and variances?

    • Howard Says:

      Why put quotes around “by right” ? Just curious.

      As for the building, I don’t hate it, which pleasantly surprises me.

      • Chris Says:

        No real reason for the quotes except that it seems to be a legal term that Kent has used before, specifically in relation to the coming building at Ga and Kenyon.

  4. Lanisa Says:

    Happy to see the empty lot developed but I wouldn’t want to own any of the adjacent properties. This behemoth rises above all else in its immediate vicinity. I’d really like to see some measure of architectural taste and consistency along Georgia Ave (beyond stucco and steel).

  5. Julie K. Says:

    I thoroughly agree with the opinion that a new building is better than a vacant lot. However I think it is the delicate subject of precise urban planning not to build something that will interfere with the overall character. The question is if this project will rise to be an architectural nuisance… I guess we will have to see how it will be constructed in reality to really judge this choice but I kind of like the preview.

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  10. Sarah Says:

    I agree that the building sticks out like a sore thumb, but isn’t it kind of too late for us to preserve the character of the GA Ave with El Haynes right across the way and more iron-and-steel condos going up to the north and south?

  11. James Says:

    As a new homebuyer to the area, I am happy to see something like this go up rather than the liquour stores, check cashing places, etc. I am not sure that is the character I would want to preserve. So many places are in such disrepair, I welcome modern mixed use buildings.

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