Speeding has Become Focus for MPD in Area

Speed monitor on Park PlaceSpeeding on Rock Creek Church Road and Park Place has become a focus of MPD lately in response to repeated complaints by residents along these roads. While it’s a complex situation due to the multiple police districts and Wards these roads are in, residents from both Petworth and Park View have been coordinating and working together successfully so far.

The latest sign that area voices are being heard is the speed monitor posted on Park Place at Princeton Place. The speed monitor is gathering data in a short term study which will be used to help find a long term solution.

Additionally, a photo radar speed car has been deployed to Park Place and will be on varying tours. There is also an analysis of the 3800 block of 5th Street underway.

I’ll keep track of this issue as it develops.

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2 Comments on “Speeding has Become Focus for MPD in Area”

  1. John Hughes Says:

    I noticed this and I am very happy about it. Kent, you and others deserve much credit for pushing on this issue. Thanks to all of you! — John.

  2. Angry Parakeet Says:

    Please station a speed camera police car on the 600 block of Irving!

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