Park View Keeps Power During Sandy

With the worst of Sandy behind us, I was relieved this morning to wake up and discover that the neighborhood still has power. In fact, Ward 1 in general fared well in keeping its power … which I’m sure is largely due to having underground power lines.

Below is a screenshot from the Pepco Web site showing power outages as of 7:00 a.m. this morning. It gives a good sense of where the power outages are and to what scale. The green triangles indicate outages of less than 5 households unless otherwise noted. Numbers greater than 5 have been added when known.

You can easily see the difference underground power lines make. Power service transitions to  above ground service in Ward 4. In looking at the map, that could account for the increase in outages north of Rock Creek Church and Spring roads.

UPDATE: After walking the neighborhood this morning, I saw no significant damage or downed trees as far south as Kenyon Street. Also, Pepco seems to be making quick work of restoring power to the north.


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