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Park View Keeps Power During Sandy

October 30, 2012

With the worst of Sandy behind us, I was relieved this morning to wake up and discover that the neighborhood still has power. In fact, Ward 1 in general fared well in keeping its power … which I’m sure is largely due to having underground power lines.

Below is a screenshot from the Pepco Web site showing power outages as of 7:00 a.m. this morning. It gives a good sense of where the power outages are and to what scale. The green triangles indicate outages of less than 5 households unless otherwise noted. Numbers greater than 5 have been added when known.

You can easily see the difference underground power lines make. Power service transitions to  above ground service in Ward 4. In looking at the map, that could account for the increase in outages north of Rock Creek Church and Spring roads.

UPDATE: After walking the neighborhood this morning, I saw no significant damage or downed trees as far south as Kenyon Street. Also, Pepco seems to be making quick work of restoring power to the north.


DC Shuts Down in Preparation for Hurricane Sandy

October 29, 2012

In advance of Hurricane Sandy, both the Federal and District governments closed down, as did public schools and the Metro. A steady rain greeted residents as they awoke Monday morning, but conditions are expected to be much worse by the end of the day and Tuesday.

Below are some numbers you’ll want to have handy just in case. It would also be a good idea to make sure cell phones are charged, batteries are handy and/or candles and matches are at hand.

Power outage: Pepco, (877) 737-2662
Power line down: 911
Clogged catch basin and other plumbing or sewage problems: D.C. Water, (202) 612-3400
Shelter availability: D.C. Shelter Hotline, (800) 535-7252
Street light outage: D.C. Public Works, (202) 727-1000

Click on the map below to get to the Washington Post’s Hurricane Tracker page.

On the neighborhood level, Park View has been very lucky with storms this year. Being on high ground with underground power lines, residents haven’t been plagues with flooded basements or sever power outages. Most damage has been the result of fallen tree branches and limbs. Hopefully this storm will be no worse.


Good Night Irene: Overall, Hurricane Damage Slight

August 29, 2011

This view of Park Place on Sunday morning was typical of what residents saw when they woke up

By and large most Park View residents didn’t have much damage to report due to Hurricane Irene. To the best of my knowledge, there were no power outages in the neighborhood, which is great when you consider that The Post reported that over 1 million had experienced a disruption in service throughout the D.C. Metro Area. In reading their report it seems that Virginia and Maryland had a bigger problem with this than D.C. did.

In walking through the neighborhood signs of the storm were chiefly smaller twigs, branches, and leaves littering sidewalks and roadways. Most of our trees weathered the storm well with two notable exceptions.

Tree clean up on Warder and Luray sent in by a resident of Warder

Just north of the intersection of Luray Place and Warder Street there was one instance of major tree damage. A resident of the 3400 block sent in the photograph to the right showing the District responding quickly to clean it up.

Another instance of damage occurred at 620 Quebec Place, again involving trees. Two trees close to the house each reacted differently to the storm. The smaller one uprooted and fell away from the house. Unfortunately, the larger tree had a large branch weaken and fall into the house and significantly damaged one of the attic dormers. In looking at the damage from the street I have doubts that the dormer can be easily or inexpensively repaired.

Close up of dormer damage to 620 Quebec Place

What were your experiences with Irene? Did you have any damage to report? How do you think Irene compared with Washington’s past hurricanes?


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