Fire Damages Sweet Mango

There was a fire at Sweet Mango Cafe sometime between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. this morning (8/4/12). While I don’t have any details about how extensive the fire was or how long it will take to repair it, it appears that it was another kitchen fire. I’ll provide more details as I get them.

Readers may recall that there was also a fire at Sweet Mango on December 4, 2010. That fire was also in the kitchen area and caused  approximately $100,000 in damages.

Below are some photographs from this morning.


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5 Comments on “Fire Damages Sweet Mango”

  1. fromthehood Says:

    Maybe…just maybe if Sweet Mango obtains proper permits, and they stop getting street people/unskilled labor to build and rebuild, and get the appropriate approval from the fire dept and DCRA… the fires might be avoided. Sweet Mango has had 4-5 fires since 2000. I am suspicious and I have no sympathy for the bootleg operation.

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