Median Beautification Coming to Petworth’s New Hampshire Avenue

Median on the 3900 block of New Hampshire, NW

Petworth residents who walk along New Hampshire Avenue will have noticed that the medians on the blocks closet to the Metro station have recently been mulched. However, according to area resident Jeff Green, there are much more exciting plans in the works.

The medians on the 3900 block of New Hampshire Avenue (between Randolph and Shepherd) have finally gotten approval to move forward with plantings between the trees and work is scheduled to commence on July 10 from 8 – 12. The project was made possible due to a grant from the ANC 4C for the plant material. Tom Cater from Terra, Inc. (which is based in Petworth / will be donating the mulch.

Profile of planned plantings between median trees

Buckets and funnels are also available to anyone who is willing to adopt 2-3 trees and water them on New Hampshire Ave. during the summer months.

Depending upon future funding and community support, the long-term plan is to increase median beautification by about one to two blocks per spring/summer.

Volunteers for either can get involved by sending an email to

Plan view of plantings between trees, indicating yucca, Russian sage, creeping juniper, coreopsis, and sedum


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6 Comments on “Median Beautification Coming to Petworth’s New Hampshire Avenue”

  1. John H. Says:

    Anybody know whether there will any fencing or guards to prevent people (like me) from cutting across the median to the Metro? If not it seems that all this beautification would be destroyed.

    • Kent Says:

      According to Jeff, the 3700 block median is to be mulched due to the foot traffic from jaywalkers crossing from the Metro. As you noted, the grass didn’t hold up to the foot traffic. DDOT/UFA is also looking at options to reduce jaywalking in this block but hasn’t made any decisions at this time.

  2. Dave Says:

    The jaywalkers combined with the outbound traffic on NH Avenue maneuvering around illegally parked cars at Sweet Mango is a tragic accident waiting to happen.

  3. db Says:

    i’m highly confident that a strip or two of unmortared permeable pavers would consolidate street crossers into it’s location.

    Or just a lush, heavily planted median. Nobody likes to step on a garden, but we don’t tend to see cut grass that way.

  4. ProfChris Says:

    Fenty is really into streetscapes, isn’t he? As if it will miraculously banish social problems.

  5. […] sure there are still opportunities for volunteers to get involved. Anyone wanting to know more about the medians can send an email to […]

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