A Pleasant Encounter — A Local Poet’s Work

A Pleasant Encounter and other poems.

A Pleasant Encounter and other poems.

On June 29th I posted a brief introduction to Elois Jones and a book of poems she wrote in 1964. I’ve learned that Ms. Jones lives on the 500 block of Lamont Street though I have not had the pleasure of meeting her.

I’ve also been able to track down a copy of her book, A Pleasant Encounter and other poems. To give you all an idea of some of her work, I’ve copied two of the poems and posted them below.

While most of them tend to focus on love, there were two that really intrigued me. The first is “Birmingham — 16 September 1963” and the other is “On Those Days — To the Memory of Our Beloved President, John F. Kennedy.”

Poem: To My Father


Poem: To the Love of My Life



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One Comment on “A Pleasant Encounter — A Local Poet’s Work”

  1. Lolly g. Berry Says:

    Great information. Elois Jones is my friend. And has been my friend
    Close to 70 years. She just had her 96th birthday on June 8,2020.

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