Discovering a 1964 Poetry Book and Its Link to the Neighborhood

I recently found an article from the Chicago Daily Defender published on December 28, 1964 (included below) which has a nice connection with Park View. It is about Elois H. Redmond Jones who lived at 521 Lamont Street with her husband Thomas. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis W. Redmond, resided at 724 Rock Creek Church Road. The occasion of the article was a book of poems she’d published in 1964 by Vantage Press titled A Pleasant Encounter and Other Poems. In doing some digging, this appears to be her only published work. I was able to find that six libraries are known to own copies. These are Virginia Commonwealth University, Temple University, Norfolk State University, New York Public library, Brown University, and Wayne State University. I’m sure there may be others.

I’ve yet to learn anything more about the author but will keep searching.


Elois H. Jones

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2 Comments on “Discovering a 1964 Poetry Book and Its Link to the Neighborhood”

  1. […] June 29th I posted a brief introduction to Elois Jones and a book of poems she wrote in 1964. I’ve learned that Ms. Jones lives on the 500 block of […]

  2. Lolly g. Berry Says:

    Eloise Jones , just passed on. She was my friend for 70 years. Her husband, Thomas was the best man for my husband and my wedding.
    Eloise was a beautiful and smart woman. A poet and writer who’s work was enjoyed by all who took the time to read. She did many good things to help anyone in need, she had many affiliations with Hospitals and churches and community. My friend has now stared a journey, the Destination is a place of beauty and peace, she is on the journey we Will all take in due time, when we reach our destination she will be There waiting for us with open armes. Until then I will truly miss my friend.

    February 8, 2021

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