Vincent Orange Now Using Guerrilla Campaign Tactics?

I was stunned to return home today to find that my yard was sporting two new campaign signs, both supporting Vincent Orange. No one at my household requested them nor was anyone even asked for permission.

In looking around, there are many new signs for Orange that have sprung up today. Northern Park View, and especially Park Place, got a bit more than people were expecting today. Judging from homes of neighbors I know (most of them still at work), I know that many of these signs were placed without permission. Is this the sign of things to come? I for one certainly hope not!


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4 Comments on “Vincent Orange Now Using Guerrilla Campaign Tactics?”

  1. andrew Says:

    That’s pretty funny. Could have just been a random person who swiped one though.

  2. db Says:

    i had a run in with an Orange supporter waiting to come down Georgia from Metro. Pretty sure he was drunk. Started bellowing at me for not hitting on his female friend (hadn’t seen either of them before that moment). She looks enbarassed, but i can’t tell if it’s ’cause he’s being an ass or if maybe she’d said something.

    So I chat it up with her for a minute while he tries to hail a cab and periodically barks me. She mentions that they’re on their way to a Vincent Orange fundraiser (looking oddly downcast at the moment of that tidbit).

  3. jonna Says:


    I am writing an article on this issue. Can we talk? My number is 240 988 8268.

  4. […] also have memories of coming home during the 2010 campaign to find his campaign workers had posted Orange campaign signs on my property and that of my neighbors without permission. Given the field of candidates, we can […]

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