Petworth Median Planting Looks Great

Rain was unable to dampen the spirits of those who volunteered to plant the New Hampshire median between Randolph and Shepherd.

Among the new plants adding beauty to the neighborhood are yucca, Russian sage, creeping juniper, coreopsis, and sedum. These plants were chosen in part because they are  drought tolerant.

I’m sure there are still opportunities for volunteers to get involved. Anyone wanting to know more about the medians can send an email to


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2 Comments on “Petworth Median Planting Looks Great”

  1. IMGoph Says:

    awesome. absolutely awesome. if only everyone else in town cared about their block as much as these people do.

  2. Wish I had know about this work. I sure would have loved to help.

    I can’t help but wonder though, why people in this area don’t understand what a cross walk is.

    Will we ultimately see a nice fence there to stop this non-sense?

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