Then and Now: 592-600 Park Road, NW

592-600 Park Road (1908)592-600 Park Road (2010)

(Historic image from the Washington Times, Aug. 23, 1908)

This row of homes on Park Road east of Georgia Avenue has certainly seen some changes over the years. They were designed in 1908 by architect N. T. Haller for builder Percy H. Russell. When they were completed Georgia Avenue was still named Brightwood Avenue, Park Morton (now behind and next to the row) wouldn’t be built for another 53 years, and the Soldiers’ Home was still open to the public. In fact, the Soldiers’ Home was considered a major selling feature of these homes. The real estate ad offering these homes to the public stated that one of their many advantages was “one of the most beautiful parks in the world — SOLDIERS’ HOME — containing over 500 acres of land, which is yours without the care or expense of paying taxes, if you are “LUCKY” enough to own one of these houses.”


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