New Litter Cans Placed on Georgia Avenue

A little over a week ago I posted that the Metro ventilation shafts on the east side of Georgia Avenue between Quebec Place and Rock Creek Church Road had become defacto litter cans after litter cans were removed in the winter of 2011/2012. I know that several people reached out to the Department of Public Works (DPW) in addition to myself, and it looks like that activism has done its job.

In walking down the 3660 block of Georgia Avenue yesterday I noticed that DPW has installed not one, not two, but three new litter cans on the block. There is one in the center of the block, one outside of King’s Deli, and one outside of Georgia Beauty Supply.


(Above and below, new litter cans located on Georgia Avenue just south of the Rock Creek Church Road.)


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5 Comments on “New Litter Cans Placed on Georgia Avenue”

  1. rider Says:


  2. ctk Says:

    Good to see.

    Speaking of that block, any update on Reliable Tavern? I talked to a worker coming out of there a month or two ago about when it might open and he said July. That was obviously wishful thinking on his part.

  3. K Says:

    Good to see it worked, now if people would just use them!! Watched a guy on GA yesterday drop a bag of chips literally 2 feet from the trash can he walked by

  4. Tim Says:

    Now if only we can get people to actually use them. Why do other main corridors in this city have Clean Teams? Mostly in more affluent areas. It’s a shame how this city discriminates between the Haves and the Have Nots.

    • K Says:

      It is not discrimination, the shear discarded trash by loiters and foot traffic in the neighborhood is astounding.

      CM Nadeau just now finally put in a line item for a ‘clean team’ for 2017 (not sure if it will be enacted). I don’t believe it was ever proposed before by her prior. Graham used to have one that frequented the corridor.

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