Blizzard Over, Digging Out Underway

The Blizzard of 2016 has come and gone … and while the official snow total for DC may never really be known … we do know that it left a lot of snow that will take a while to remove.

Two cars on Rock Creek Church Rd, where a single clear lane required cars to back up to allow passage.

Two cars on Rock Creek Church Rd, where a single clear lane required cars to back up to allow passage.

As of Sunday, a walk around Park View north of Park Road indicated that Georgia Avenue was reasonably clear. Streets like Warder Street, New Hampshire Avenue, Park Road, and Rock Creek Church Road (one presumes Irving and Columbia Road as well) were plowed for one lane of traffic. I personally observed how even this was inadequate for those who ventured out, as a single lane on Rock Creek Church Road often lead to cars meeting head on in the middle of the 600 block requiring one driver to drive backward to the next intersection to solve the impasse.

Other unsafe road conditions included vehicles traveling northbound on Park Place and youth on ATVs driving around the neighborhood during the afternoon.

Many side streets as of last night had been entirely unplowed —  with good examples being the 700 block of Newton Place and the 600 block of Quebec Place. Yet the snow-filled streets offered the occasional opportunity for fun and playfulness among those digging out as the snow puppy carved from a snow drift on Newton Place shows.

IMG_0075(Snow puppy created on the 700 b/o Newton Place, NW)

One area that was plowed extremely well was the 600 block of Morton Street, where the DC Housing Authority was on top of keeping the street and sidewalks around Park Morton clear, not only before the storm reach full blizzard conditions but also throughout the storm and during clean up.

(Intersection of Princeton Place and Warder Street just before noon on January 23, 2016)

All in all, after the first full day of digging out most residents and businesses did a fairly good job of clearing sidewalks or helping out those that needed assistance. More shoveling is sure to continue today as not all walkways were clear.

Below are a few photos showing conditions around the northern section of the neighborhood on Sunday.

Quebec Place(Looking west on Quebec Place from Park Place, January 23, 2016)

Newton Place(Looking west on Newton Place from Georgia Avenue)

Warder Street(Looking south on Warder Street from Rock Creek Church Road)

Georgia Avenue(Looking south down Georgia Avenue from New Hampshire Avenue)

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One Comment on “Blizzard Over, Digging Out Underway”

  1. rider Says:

    “youth on ATVs”? Try “criminals on ATVs”.

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