Suggestions Sought to Improve Bus Stop at New Hampshire and Georgia

The sidewalk by CVS on New Hampshire Avenue.

The bus stop and sidewalk by CVS on New Hampshire Avenue.

As part of the paver repair and replacement work that will begin next week along New Hampshire Avenue along the CVS, the bus stop will be temporarily moved a few feet so that it remains in service while the work is underway. However, when it moves back there has been some discussion on where it should be located.

Currently, it is a heavily used bus stop and frequently has so many people waiting for the bus that pedestrians walk behind the bus shelter rather than use the sidewalk. The question thus becomes, should the permanent location of the bus shelter remain where it is, be located closer to the street,or located further away from the street? Also, should the sidewalk be widened in this area to accommodate both bus patrons and pedestrians.

DDOT is still refining the process to request a bus stop relocation in coordination with WMATA, so this is a great opportunity to hear from the community on where you think the stop should be located. Please be as specific as possible with suggested locations for the stop. Your ideas will assist in finding a permanent location for the shelter.

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5 Comments on “Suggestions Sought to Improve Bus Stop at New Hampshire and Georgia”

  1. rider Says:

    Just make the bus stop bigger; and add more trash cans.

  2. TS Says:

    That CVS needs to be torn down. It should never have been allowed to be built without some sort of housing component. Waste of space for a property across the street from the metro. The Wendy’s on Georgia Ave at Randolph is another example… Poor city planning by DC and Ward 4.

  3. Gentrify-u Says:

    I hate to say this, but all that grass and areas meant to hold plants need to be torn down and paved. I have counted 27 people standing there at one given time seemingly waiting for the bus. Also, we need triple or more the amount of trash cans. That place is a pigsty everyday.

  4. Dave Says:

    I don’t know what the best solution is but pushing the shelter back further from the curb or adding paving behind the shelter for pedestrians to use when a bus is loading might mitigate the problem. I also second the need for additional trash cans placed in proximity to the shelter. Trash cans need to bookend the shelter, And they could really use a second or even third shelter at this location. On hot sunny or rainy days, only a handful of people can actually use the shelter.

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