Shooting Incident Early This Morning on 700 b/o Princeton Place

 The following is from a listserv email sent by Councilmember Graham providing details of a shooting incident that happened early this morning (4/6/12) on Princeton Place:

Dear Friends, this morning about 1 AM as many as 3-4 shots were fired on this block. I have spoken to the 4D Commander about this.

It is reported that a masked person on foot fired on two persons who were sitting in their vehicle. One was grazed and the other not insured. Both are adults and not from this area. They state that they were taking a break from helping someone to move. They were able to go to Ga Ave and get police assistance. The MPD shotspotter equipment (which identifies the precise location of shots) was activated.

I am greatly concerned about this. We have not had this kind of walk-by, drive-by shooting in sometime. MPD is on this and it is being actively investigated.

We will provide more as information becomes available.

Councilmember Jim Graham

Additional information from the 4D listerve is below:

On April 6, 2012, just before 1 am, units heard gunshots in the PSA 409 area and while investigating, two victims approached the officers in the 3500 block of Georgia Avenue, NW and reported being shot at while in the 700 block of Princeton Place, NW. One of the victims received a non-life threatening injury, the other victim was not injured.

The suspect lookout is a subject unknown race or sex, 5’2” to 5’3” in height wearing a black shirt, black pants and a black mask.

Anyone with information is asked to call (202) 715-7506 or (202) 727-9099.  If you would like to provide information anonymously please text 50411 or you can call 1-888-919-2746.


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6 Comments on “Shooting Incident Early This Morning on 700 b/o Princeton Place”

  1. mb Says:

    thanks for the info Kent. this is really terrifying. As someone who walks this block regularly and lives close by, I see people just sitting in their parked cars there all the time, especially close to the intersection of Princeton and Warder. And no, I don’t think for a minute anyone is “taking a break” from moving and sitting in a parked car at 1am. Just when I was appreciating how blissfully quiet its been around the rec center (thanks construction!), we have this happen.

  2. JulesonPrinceton Says:

    I live on this block. And yes, it was pretty loud as both my husband and I leapt out of bed. They had tape blocking off the street when my husband left for work at 2:30am. He thought that the incident happened closer to GA ave. No doubt there is a lot more to this story. Hope none of my neighbor’s personal property was damaged.

  3. newbie Says:

    Definitely a very alarming incident. I have seen a heightened police presence in the area around Georgia/NH and also near Looking Glass/Blue Banana/DC Reynolds. As more details emerge, I am curious if this was a simple robbery or was it something else.
    Also, in response to mb, not sure where you live in relation to the Rec Center but I can hear the noise of those loitering well in the morning hours. Last night, was a prime example and this is after the Rec Center has closed. The closing of the Rec Center has not stopped the drinking and weed fest which has become the norm around the condos on Warder and near Otis Place. Gee’s Market and the “No Loitering” sign has had no effect. Maybe MPD needs to routinely pay a visit. Most of those ‘hanging out’ do not live in the area and instead drive in. Unsure about Gee’s Market and their hours of operation, but whatever it is, it attracts people to simply come and hang out-disturbing an otherwise quiet block or two.

    • mb Says:

      I have a front seat view to the rec center. I did hear guys around 11:30 last night but didn’t actually seem them on the corner so not sure where it was coming from. I do think its gotten better since the whole park closed down. Which is sad really when you realize that the rec center is almost ground zero for criminal behavior in the neighborhood when it should have the opposite effect. As for Gees, they have a hearing with ABRA next week and may potentially lose their alcohol license due to previous infractions of selling to minors. If they no longer sold alcohol that might have a very positive effect on some of the loitering issues as well.

  4. stanley bullock Says:

    I have lived on Princeton Place for many years. Ever since these bars have opened it has been some issues. One is the parking issues on our street. As I look on the street I see many cars from Maryland visiting the bars on GA ave. Now the shooting on the street? What gives here. I would like to see more Police presents on this street. Lets have DC Police bring the nig flood lights back here again like befor when the lights were at the back field of Park View school. Another issue is the trees on the 600 and 700 block of Princeton Pl have over grown and are blocking the street light poles. DPW needs to correct this issue by trimming them away from the street lights. The street is very dark and is breeding crime on the street. Flood the street with light and Police presents and i am sure the dirtbags will move on!

  5. Alana Says:

    This is very scary. I heard it as well. Do we still have police officers that patrol the area on foot? When we had Officer what-was-his-name, I found that the loitering around the Parkh(and the drinking and pot) was quite diminished. Of course, this was closer to the 5pm-8pm time range. I can’t say how it effected the crowds later at night. Is there anyway we can get that patrol reinstated?

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