Taking Graffiti Removal to the Streets — Every Effort Helps

Removing tagging on a little can at Princeton and Warder.

Removing tagging on a little can at Princeton and Warder.

On August 19th I posted about efforts the community was taking to remove graffiti along Lower Georgia Avenue. At that time I also reported that I’d been informed that there’s been a significant rise in graffiti across the city — which is why graffiti abatement requests seem to take longer to be acted upon this year (when they are closed).

At that time I also vowed to do my part in removing graffiti in the neighborhood, so that the neighborhood is cleaner, faster and so that when a 311 request is submitted that it is for the graffiti that is beyond the ability of residents who have engaged to fight for a cleaner community.

During the Labor Day weekend, I took a walk down Warder Street and up Georgia Avenue to remove graffiti. I’m sure I didn’t get it all, but I made a dent and will be back out next weekend to look for the areas I’ve missed. I’m hopeful that with as much focus on graffiti abatement that is currently going on we can remove it faster than it occurs.

graffiti(Commissioner Boese removing graffiti at Georgia Avenue and Otis Place, NW)

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4 Comments on “Taking Graffiti Removal to the Streets — Every Effort Helps”

  1. Angry Parakeet Says:

    Thank you Kent.

  2. Curious George Says:

    You are a saint!

    Bravo to Kent!

  3. Robert Says:

    This is great!! We also need to push council and the mayor to push for additional graffiti removal crews. it is a blight on the city that can actually be cured.

  4. Beth S Says:

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