Where Will Pepco Be Upgrading Ward 1 Infrastructure?

Harvard Conversion ProjectDuring the April 8th community meeting with Pepco, ANC 1A invited Pepco to come to their May14th meeting to provide an update on local infrastructure improvements and give an indication of what projects are planned for the next couple of years. Here’s what was learned at that meeting.

In addition to the work Pepco is wrapping up in the 14th Street and Park Road area, there are additional phases planned. The next phase of the Harvard Conversion project will be increasing the capacity of cables from 4 kV to 13 kV .  During this phase, Pepco will be extending 2 new underground feeders to bring in additional capacity to the area so that they will be able to transfer load and reconfigure their system.  Pepco will begin by constructing approximately 4,000 feet of conduit, 11 manholes, and 2 switches.  Next, crews will install and splice approximately 8,000 feet of new cable.  Finally, a scheduled outage will be required to energize the new cables.  Construction is scheduled to begin July 2014 with completion targeted for March 2015 (See fact Sheet here and map above).

Following this phase of the project, Pepco will be able to convert additional feeders from 4 kV to 13 kV. The map below includes future 2015 and 2016 locations of the Harvard Conversion, in addition to already completed areas of the project. On the map, Pepco wanted to note that some of the 2015 areas defined by the green line have already had cables replaced during corrective actions; however, the 2015 work will be to increase capacity and convert the feeder from 4 kV to 13 kV.

Finally, the area bounded by the orange square in the map below is where Pepco is completing a load study. During the April community meeting, they shared that they would be completing manhole inspections and analyzing data from smart meters to identify areas that may need cable or transformer replacements. In April they conducted field analysis on 79 transformers and found no overloading conditions.

Harvard Conversion

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