Are Private Gardens Really Help Yourself Florists?

I found this on Warder Street a bit north of Kenyon, if memory serves. Has anyone else had a problem with passersby helping themselves to the flowers in their garden?


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5 Comments on “Are Private Gardens Really Help Yourself Florists?”

  1. John H. Says:

    My poor wife is so discouraged that someone keeps snipping her tulips on the 3600 block of Park Place. She keeps adding, they keep helping themselves. I’d love to catch them in the act.

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  3. Carl D Says:

    My mom takes care of rose bushes that run along a fence surrounding a business next to their home. She has to constantly tell people to stop cutting them. People just assume they can have them or else they are just cheap and don’t want to pay for flowers. 😉

  4. lanisa Says:

    We’ve got a few houses in the neighborhood, two of which have iron fences framed by roses and hydrangeas. Our flowers are regularly lost to plant bandits. A bit of our joy is stolen on each occasion.

  5. JG Says:

    I’ve twice witnessed grade-school-aged kids pull tulips — bulb and all — out of my garden and throw them to the sidewalk as they walked by.

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