Walls of Books ‘Officially’ Opens in Park View with Ribbon Cutting & More

Posted February 8, 2016 by Kent
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One of Park View’s newest businesses celebrated their opening at 3325 Georgia Avenue with a ribbon cutting; coffee, donuts, & a cake among other treats; and singing and book readings for the kids. The video below captured the ribbon cutting.

I was particularly happy to see a warm reception for Pablo Sierra, the force behind this venture. When I was there he had a good amount of help allowing him to greet visitors and spend some time talking to them.

IMG_0147(Visitors to Walls of Books shortly before the ribbon cutting.)

… and it appears that there was a steady stream of shoppers throughout the day, as the Tweet below shows.

Below are a few more photos and Tweets for those that weren’t able to attend on Saturday. I certainly wasn’t able to leave without a couple of purchases and know I’ll be back soon.

IMG_0149(Some of the treats available for visitors on Saturday.)

IMG_0159(A very fun and impressive cake welcoming Walls of Books.)

New Hampshire Sidewalk Replacement Progressing Well

Posted February 5, 2016 by Kent
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The repair of the sidewalk on the southeast side of New Hampshire Avenue from Georgia to Princeton is moving along. Work began at the beginning of February and much progress has been made this week. After I alerted officials a year ago about a serious rat infestation under the sidewalk, and advocated for its repair, I introduced a resolution in January 2016 that was supported by ANC1A requesting DDOT take action.

The repairs were originally scheduled to begin at the end of January, but were delayed due to the blizzard. In addition to the pavers, DDOT has undertaken the replacement of nearly all of the sidewalk along the block as well.

Below are photos taken at various times this week showing progress.





Grand Opening on Saturday for Walls of Books

Posted February 4, 2016 by Kent
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Walls of Books at 3325 Georgia Avenue, NW

Walls of Books at 3325 Georgia Avenue, NW

If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out Walls of Books yet, you might want to check it out on Saturday. That’s when they will have their official grand opening and ribbon cutting follow by events geared for children (see schedule of events below).

In checking out Walls of Books last weekend, I was impressed with the variety of books in stock and their affordability. I also learned that you can also request a book as a special order if you are looking for a title that isn’t in stock.

Definitely a great addition to the neighborhood that I hope neighbors will support.


Overview of First DDOT Crosstown Multimodal Transportation Study Meeting

Posted February 3, 2016 by Kent
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IMG_0123(Residents examining the data boards at the February 2 Crosstown Multimodal Transportation Study).

DDOT kicked off its first in a series of meetings devoted to their Crosstown Multimodal Transportation Study at Trinity Washington University last night. The format was a series of informational work stations where residents could ask questions, provide feedback, and share ideas. Some of the stations shared data gathered from previous DDOT efforts whereas others were interactive. The goal of the workshops is to improve all modes of east-west transportation between South Dakota Avenue and 16th Street. Each of the workshops will build on information learned from the earlier workshops, so there is value in attending all of the meetings if this issue is important to you.

There were three stations that I particularly liked. One was an interactive map where residents could add comments and note issues throughout the study corridor (see below). The map is accessible here and I encourage people to add their comments.

Interactive DDOT map

Another one had a number of categories and participants were asked to put colored dots to show what they valued most on the list. Below are photos of the categories also showing where people placed dots. The categories with the most support were dedicated lanes for transit, protected bike lanes, enhanced crossings, dedicated bus lanes and strategies to reduce trip times, and reconnecting the grid.



Yarn colors representing transportation in the east-west corridor.

Yarn colors representing transportation in the east-west corridor.

The third interactive station involved maps, push pins, and colored yarn. Participants were asked to map out their cross-town travel on the map. The yarn colors represented the mode of transportation and the pins were different colors to represent the purpose of the trip (work, recreation, shopping, etc.)

In addition to the interactive stations, there were information boards. Below are a few photographs of them.

IMG_0131(The Vision Zero Safety Map — showing safety concerns on Park Place and at Park Place & Kenyon)

IMG_0130(Major Planned Area Development map)

IMG_0127(Existing Use of Alternative Travel Modes map)

IMG_0128(Existing Street Condition map)

More Condos Headed for Georgia Avenue

Posted February 2, 2016 by Kent
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Over the weekend I noticed that Landmark development had recently purchased the two adjoining properties at 2907 & 2909 Georgia Avenue (between Harvard and Hobart). The project will result in a new condominium building, with (10) units and is expected to be completed by early 2017. I’m definitely interested in what is planned for this site and will be keeping an eye out for more information.

2907 2909 Georgia(2907 & 2909 Georgia Avenue NW)

New Book Documents African American Leisure Destinations Around D.C.

Posted February 1, 2016 by Kent
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African American Leisure DestinationsI was fortunate enough to catch a book discussion by author Patsy Fletcher that was held at Sankofa Video, Books Café yesterday (2714 Georgia Avenue, NW). The book featured was Historically African American Leisure Destinations Around Washington, D.C. and was recently published on December 7, 2015. The announcement described the book as follows:

“During the Jim Crow era, most public places of leisure like amusement parks and beaches were strictly segregated and were whites-only. So where did Black Washingtonians go to enjoy relaxation and recreation?

In African American Leisure Destinations, Patsy Fletcher highlights some of the picnic gardens, excursions, amusement parks, and beach resorts developed and patronized by Washington’s people of color as far back as 1880s for their own enjoyment.”

The discussion was fascinating and I’m sure the book will be of interest to many. Those interested in getting a copy can find them at Sankofa.

Patsy Fletcher(Historian Patsy Fletcher discussing Historically African American Leisure Destinations.)

Looking Glass Lounge Temporary Closed Due to Small Fire

Posted January 30, 2016 by Kent
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According to a sign on the Door of Looking Glass Lounge, they are currently closed to repair damage caused by a small fire (see sign below). Wishing them all the best and a speedy return to business.

Looking Glass Lounge


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