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Public Meetings on Zoning Regulation Revisions Being Held

December 13, 2012
Planning's draft transit zone map showing walkability to modes of transit.

Planning’s draft transit zone map showing walkability to modes of transit.

One issue I’m trying to get my head around is the zoning regulation revisions that the Office of Planning has proposed. The revisions are currently in the middle of the community review and feedback process and are the first major revisions to the D.C. Zoning Code since 1958.

According to the flyer announcing the eight public Ward meetings on this, “The Zoning Regulations themselves need substantial revision and reorganization, ranging from new definitions to updated development and design standards, and even new zones.” The meetings for Ward 6 and 2 have already been held. The Ward 8 meeting is tonight and the Ward 1 meeting will be on January 5th at 10 a.m. The location has yet to be determined.

Other meetings are scheduled for:

  • January 8 (Ward 3)
  • January 9 (Ward 5)
  • January 12 (Ward 7)
  • January 16 (Ward 4)

All meetings will be the same and all are open to the public.

The Office of Planning has been working on revisions and reorganization of the zoning regulations for the last four years. With input from a task force, topic-focused working groups, and numerous community meetings, as well as general guidance from the Zoning Commission, the Office of Planning has prepared draft proposals for modernizing the zoning regulations.

Based on my limited exposure to the revisions, it sounds like one of the most significant proposed changes to the code will be on area parking. To use the proposed development at the corner of Otis Place and Georgia Avenue as an example, current zoning indicates that it should provide 1 parking space for every 2 living units it builds. As residents know, the developer has applied for relief from this requirement. However, in the Office of Planning’s proposed zoning revisions, the property would not be required to include any parking. This would be due to the property’s location within a transit area that has bus and Metro access. The Office of Planning has been handing out a four page flyer at its public meetings on transit zones which includes additional details on them and two maps (one of them above).

If nothing else, its clear that a rewrite of the D.C. Zoning ordinance is complex. I hope people interested in this will attend the public meeting on January 5th. I know I will — and I will definitely be reporting back to the community.


Zoning Hearing for The Vue Project Coming Up

March 1, 2011

The Zoning Commission will be holding the public hearing for Neighborhood Development Company’s Planned Unit Development (PUD) located at 3321 Georgia Avenue this Thursday.

Readers may recall that this is for NDC’s The Vue project located at Morton and Georgia (the strip mall that includes the Post Office). The need for the hearing is to respond to NDC’s request to build 20 feet higher than the current C2A zoning allows, which would allow the finished building to be a 90 foot structure with C2B zoning.

To offset the proposed zoning change and the development’s denser footprint, NDC has proposed to renovate the field house at the Park View Rec Center. This proposal was supported by ANC 1A at their January meeting.

For those interested in attending the hearing, details are below:

Location: One Judiciary Square, 441 4th St NW Suite 220S
When: March 3, 2011 @ 6:30pm
Case #: 10-26


New Interactive Zoning Map Released by D.C. Office of Zoning

February 22, 2011

From the new online zoning map

The D.C. Office of Zoning (DCOZ) is in the process of getting word out about their new and improved comprehensive zoning map for the District of Columbia.

According to their Web site, “the interactive zoning map allows users to determine the zoning classification for any property in the District. Users can search zoning by specific address, square and lot, parcel, Zoning Commission (ZC) case, or Planned Unit Development (PUD), where applicable. Users can select different layers of data to display on the map, and can print reports for any selected property.

Users should note that when searching for a PUD, the ZC case name and ZC case number reflect the most recent case name and case number associated with the PUD.”

After exploring the site, it does seem to be easy to navigate … although some of the political data it is pulling in is dated. An example of this is that ANC Commissioners from the previous term are still listed. Overall, though, it seems to be a useful tool.


New Quin Project Spurs Zoning Change Discussion

January 27, 2011

Proposed zoning changes could include the New Quin (green) and buildings near Metro (blue)

The Urban Investment Partners (UIP), as part of their redevelopment of the New Quin properties on the northwest corner of New Hampshire Avenue and Quincy Street, have petitioned to rezone the properties, along with the properties immediately to their south. This spurred a community meeting called by Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, Timothy Jones (ANC 4C08), which was held at the beginning of this week for the 4C08 community.

What UIP is petitioning for is t0 change the properties in question from R-4 to C-3-A, which is more consistent with the New Quin complex. It is also necessary for them to convert basement space in the building into five additional rental units. This is consistent with zoning change requests that have recently come up along Columbia Height’s 14th Street.

What is interesting about the zoning petition is that UIP is not just seeking to rezone their property, but also the properties to their south and adjacent to the Metro station on the north side of the 3700 block of New Hampshire. The consensus at the meeting was that it is was acceptable for the New Quin properties to be rezoned to C-3-A, but rezoning the 3-story apartment building and church properties on the 3700 block was giving up too much at this time.

The 3700 block properties could eventually be redeveloped (though there is nothing in the works at this time), and with the zoning changed in advance there would be less opportunity for community input with future development should the properties be rezoned at this time.

Those in attendance pressed Commissioner Jones for his position on the proposed zoning change. Jones stated that he would support the change for the New Quin properties, but not for the properties on the 3700 block. Jones furthered that his vote will not be decisive and that the full 4C commission will be taking this matter up as part of either their February or March agendas.


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